The Queer Earthling

I’m Tessa Fox. I’m 32-year-old a queer cis woman who likes Star Trek and getting spanked.

[Description: Blonde woman with dark lipstick in a candy-print dress.]

In 2010 I got a BA in English from a private and extremely conservative Christian university, and in 2019 I used my writing skills to start writing about queer, kinky sex. In addition to the Queer Earthling sex blog, my work has been featured on Offbeat Home.

Queer Earthling features sex toy reviews, personal anecdotes, and thoughts on sex- and kink-related concepts. I’m passionate about sex toy safety, affordable sex toys, and of the idea that sexuality doesn’t have to follow a script. My asexual, nonbinary spouse and I have an extremely satisfying, albeit nontraditional, sex life, and I wanted to express to the world that your sexuality doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s to be good and fulfilling. I also write a lot about my life in a 24/7 nonsexual kink dynamic, and sometimes about being queer in the South. I occasionally write erotica.

I update every Saturday, except when I don’t.

You can also find me on Twitter or Facebook. If you’d like to contact me about reviews, sponsored posts, or just for fun, please use my contact page. You can also Support Me on Ko-fi!

Main Characters

Tessa Fox

A 32-year-old queer cis woman who is probably from Earth. Submissive. Nerdy. Identifies as a little, pet player, and service sub, despite generally forgetting to do her chores.

Damien Fox

A 40-year-old nonbinary person. Suspected but unconfirmed hot alien. Dominant. Nerdy. Married to Tessa Fox and Metamour. Furry artist who works on commission. Asexual/graysexual. Occasional contributor, constant beta-reader.

Other Key Players


A 43-year-old bisexual cis man. Planet of origin unknown. Married to Damien. Possibly nerdier than the others. Not involved in Tessa’s sex life but a very significant part of the household. Does a series about retro FLASH animations on his Tumblr.


Tessa Fox’s sister. Married, has 937 kids. Surprisingly supportive. Claims not to be nerdy but plays tabletop RPGs and watches Doctor Who. The only straight person I know.


Elderly cat. Gray, pretty blue eyes, likes to yell.


Orange boy. Sinus condition. Doesn’t know how to cat.

[Description: Two cats, one orange-and-white, one gray, sleeping together on a couch with remote controls nearby.]

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