The Queer Earthling

My name is Tessa Fox, and I’ve lived on this planet for over thirty years.

[Description: a Caucasian woman wearing dark lipstick, with short, curly blonde hair in a black barrette.]

I started this blog to express my unique perspective as a queer, kinky, nerdy individual. My own sex life and experiences are unique, and I want to share what I’ve learned and why it brings me such joy. I find sexuality fascinating, and I believe it can be so much more diverse, transformative, and even revolutionary when we choose not to be ashamed of it.

I have a BA in literature and writing, and have had my work featured on Offbeat Home. I’m passionately fond of science fiction and fantasy, especially Star Trek, and these things have in turned influenced both my writing and my life.

While there are discussions here of science fiction, queer life, and other innocuous or non-explicit topics, this blog deals largely with sexuality and kink. If this is something that makes you uncomfortable, or if you’re under 18, then this may not be the earthling blog for you.

I identify as a pansexual cis-woman, using she/her pronouns, as well as a full-time submissive. My spouse and dominant is a non-binary person who used to use she/her pronouns and now uses they/them. They also have a husband, who features tangentially here and there, as part of my life but not my immediate romantic, sexual, or kink dynamic. I have a formal diagnosis of depression and anxiety, and an informal diagnosis of autism, all of which has impacted my sexuality and life in ways I probably don’t even realize.

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