Scan Transcripts

Transcripts for the graphic novel scans in my review for A Quick & Easy Guide to Queer & Trans Identities, for screen readers or anyone who has trouble reading the scan.

Sorry to any subscribers who got this in email, I was assured this wouldn’t happen and then it notified me that it did. So. Enjoy your preview of the upcoming post I guess.

First transcript

Page 1:

First panel has two snails. One says, “What does ‘queer’ mean? Is that why they’re all so colorful?”

Second panel, the other snail says, “Yeah, they don’t look anything like those hunters or girl scouts.

Third panel has a snail with a cap on their shell (Iggy) saying, “Not necessarily. QUEERNESS is all about human love and identity! It’s a lot more complicated than most snail stuff, but that’s what makes it so interesting!” while other snails look on in interest.

Fourth panel shows the observer snails, with one in awe saying, “Wow! You must be some kind of human expert or something!” Off-panel, Iggy says, “Oh, you flatter me!”

Page 2:

First panel shows Iggy reminiscing about two humans on a sofa watching Paris is Burning on TV. They say, “Everything I know, I learned from listening to Bowery from my tank. Humans are so complex and amazing, I was hooked right away!”

Second panel has Iggy saying, “I can teach you snails alongside Bowery’s lesson if you want! I don’t mind!” Another snail answers, “We snails do love to learn! That would be amazing!”

Third panel shows Iggy leading the other snails in a line, saying, “Alrighty then, new curious buddies! Let’s dive on in!”

Second Transcript

Page 1:

First panel shows two seated “Sproutlings,” which are bipedal creatures with animalish features and plant hair, drawn in a cute, round style. One has a pompadour and a curly tail; the other has longer hair and a lion tail. The first says to the other, “I…had way more fun at the dance than I thought I would!”

Second panel has the other replying, “Yeah, I was surprised and excited to see you so happy and carefree!”

Third panel has the first Sproutling say, “I felt more myself than ever! I’m not sure if I’m ready to tell anyone, but I think this is who I wanna be from now on. A fuller, CURLIER FERN.”

Fourth panel shows the friend say, “Thanks for trusting me, CurlyFern. Take the time you need. Meanwhile, let me know if you want to talk about it more together.”

Page 2:

Full-page spread just has CurlyFern saying, “Right now, all I wanna do is DANCE!!” while dancing with their friend, both grinning, surrounded by trees, snails, and plants.