to the gods

To the gods

Dionysus of hedonism and pleasure

The Ladies for their female energy and sexual empowerment

Hermes of prosperity and creativity

Mannannan for the ebb and flow of things

Odin overseeing everything

and all the gods of our altar and our souls

Bless my site and my work.

Make it prosperous, informative. Make me creative and help me to write and work to the best of my ability.

Encourage people to purchase through it, to sponsor my posts, and otherwise to help me earn money through this. Keep my passion for it alive.

Protect me from burnout.

Use it to send more traffic to Damien’s page and bring them more customers.

Bless all of this, not only because of finances, but because these are our passions.

To the gods, blessed be; as I will, so mote it be.