Alliance of Independent Sex Toy Testers

[image description: a badge that says “Alliance / Independent sex bloggers & toy testers.” Courtesy of Miss Ruby Reviews]

The Problem

There’s a huge rise in spam-heavy, questionable sex toy “reviewers” using stolen or stock images, dodgy SEO tactics, and outright lies, designed to get views and clicks and income rather than to genuinely inform readers. They glowingly praise every toy that comes their way, don’t care for sex toy safety or quality, and they’re more interested in keywords than content. These are drawing readers (and genuine income) away from reviewers and bloggers who work hard to provide real, thoughtful content. They are also providing questionable information to readers who deserve full honesty about adult products.

The Solution

As a result of this, several sex bloggers consisting of, like, real and actual humans have joined together to form the Alliance of Independent Sex Toy Testers. This is not a clique or list of faves or a required reading list; it is an accumulated list of creators writing sex toy reviews (and other content) as honestly and genuinely as possible. People are voted in by other bloggers on the list, and the entire process is democratic, and not built on favoritism or popularity.

The Requirements

  • All products recommended by the blog are body-safe.
  • All shops recommended by the blog are safe.
  • All blogs respect the diversity of gender and don’t gender sex toys as “male” or “female.”
  • All blogs are written by people who are passionate about the subjects they cover, not by people who are only trying to make money. Many of us make some money but it isn’t the main reason we write.
  • All of the writers in our alliance show honesty and authenticity in their reviews.
  • All of the writers of the blogs in our alliance can demonstrate that they genuinely own ALL the products that they review and recommend.
  • All writers are genuinely knowledgeable in their subjects. They don’t copy their content from elsewhere or “regurgitate” external content.
  • No blogs in the alliance contain discrimination, hate or material intended to shame/exclude.
  • No blogs in the alliance use questionable, unethical or uncompetitive methods to build links and advertise their website. In short — we are genuine bloggers.
  • There is a preference that the blogs have been up for at least 1 year and have at least 16 reviews published.

How to Join

If you think your blog metes all of the above criteria, email sextoytesteralliance(at)gmail(dot)com and ask to join! The existing members will vote anonymously. If you are accepted, you’ll have to post the full list on your blog as well.

THE List (alphabetical)

as of 4/3/23

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