Review: BestVibe Zane Snail

When BestVibe again asked if I’d like to do a review for them, I decided to get an unusual dildo. Looking at their dildos, this snail stood out to me, called “Zane 7.48 Inch Bendy Snail Silicone Rainbow Dildo with Suction Cup” on the site because brevity is not one of BestVibe’s virtues. (Please note that some adblockers will ask if you want to proceed because of the affiliate link; it is safe to proceed.)

A snail-shaped dildo (described in-text below) standing in the midst of some dead leaves.

After requesting it and waiting for it to arrive in the mail, it occurred to me that originality is also not one of their virtues and this was probably a dupe of another toy. While I’ve reviewed a few fantasy toys, I’m by no means an expert, so I reached out to some of my blogging friends and learned that based on a product by Made to Were. While toy dupes don’t always bother me, Made to Were is a two-person independent company and I don’t love having a knockoff of their Nerites model; I won’t link to them here (because this review is paid for by BestVibe) but I wanted to name them, at least, so people can find them if they’d prefer.

The Zane Snail is a slick, shiny silicone sculpture of a snail in a mix of pastel colors. The shell is small and spiky, set into a wide base that doubles as a suction cup. To create the dildo part of the dildo, the body of the snail is reared up, showing a wide, flattened shape with several ridges along the sides and front. I also discovered quite by accident that it glows in the dark!

However, BestVibe did make some noticeable changes to the shape, so it isn’t an exact copy. Also, I recognize that most people are not going to be trying to decide between BestVibe’s Zane and Made to Were’s Nerites. Most people looking at this review are simply trying to decide between the $53.53 Zane snail or spending their fifty bucks elsewhere. Therefore, I’m not doing any comparisons. I’m reviewing the Zane snail solely on its own merits as it stands.

With that being said, let’s get into the review!

The snail standing on some large rocks.

The silicone is fairly shiny, with a ton of textural detail molded into it. It’s also kind of a lint magnet and, in my experience, a bit of a lube hog, so I had to reapply lube often when using it.

A front-ish view of the snail dildo. It has a fair amount of lint and debris.
Yeah it’s pretty linty

As for using it…this toy offers a lot of options. You can use it with the shell facing the front or the back or the left or the right. You can use the body of the snail to rub on, or for penetration. You could rub on the shell. We love a versatile toy here, since people are so varied in their needs and preferences. It could be used anally as well, since it has a very sturdy flared base, but as I’m a butt wimp and prefer smaller and smoother toys anally, I didn’t attempt that. In terms of fantasy, this is a nicely adaptable toy as well. It could be some sort of sentient snail, but it could also represent a tentacle, an alien dick, a Yeerk that fell into a vat of Easter egg dye, whatever, we don’t judge here.

I found quickly that for me, the most comfortable and pleasant approach was to penetrate vaginally with the shell facing behind me. The lower part of the snail was too wide and flat to penetrate past its center point, but I didn’t mind at all. This allowed the point of the snail’s head to rub against my G-spot, which is not a sentence I expected to write when I started my blog. It isn’t a toys I could easily thrust with; because it’s so tapered, thrusting didn’t feel satisfying, and the ridges also made it a little uncomfortable. What did feel good was to sort of hold it in place and jiggle it, or let my vaginal muscles do it for me while I had a vibrator on my clit. My G-spot was a HUGE fan of this, and my orgasms were actually awesome. Its squishiness also makes it really pleasant to clench on during orgasm, and the texture is intense without being uncomfortable. I did find the texture too intense when I tried rubbing on my clit, but I’m sure there are people who would love it on their external genitalia.

The snail dildo with a small waterfall behind it.

Damien also tested it out and loved it. The snail is actually their favorite dildo at the moment. In fact, here’s what they wrote down for me in IM when they tried it out the first time, complete with excited typos:

im gonna marry it


it’s everything you wanted that purple one to be

it’s better because it’s softer

like the texture is good, Ic ould grip it even when it was slippy with lube

it feels good both directions

and I wish I had more vagina spce bc I wanted more of it

it feels good when u come

and I felt all giggling and wobbly after lmao

So yeah I think they liked it.

We also tried it as an impact toy because, I mean, obviously. Damien held onto it both from the “body” and on the base. As the spankee, I found both ways very thuddy and focused, and actually quite enjoyably firm without being too painful too fast. Damien, as the spanker, found both ways…awkward. Holding onto the base was a little uncomfortable and awkward for getting a good swing, but holding onto the snail’s body meant they couldn’t quite control the swing as well as they liked.

Honestly, the base is my biggest issue with this toy. As I mention in almost every review, I have some grip issues due to some wrist injuries, and I personally found it really awkward to hold. It’s wide, but also floppy due to incorporating a suction cup, and it doesn’t really provide a natural place to put your hand. This is common with fantasy toys, and I suppose they figured people would use the suction cup against the wall, but I generally don’t enjoy that method or the positions required. Obviously it’s a minor quibble, and it’s not one that would make me avoid this toy completely.

The snail dildo stuck onto a sign by its suction cup. the sign warns, "Alligators may live here!" and notes not to approach or feed them.
I mean, clearly the suction cup works.

This is obviously not a toy for people who aren’t into texture, for people who prefer firmer toys, or, uh, one for people who aren’t into fantasy toys, but honestly, I’m not sure why you’re looking at this review at that point. Like my last BestVibe review, this is a Whimsical Item, not meant for serious-faced sexy interactions; I mean, you look at it, and it’s a goddamn snail. It’s silly. That’s the point. But it’s the sort of silly that feels really good.

The Bottom Line

I liked the Zane snail. My spouse really liked the Zane snail. It’s a fun toy with an interesting shape, a lot of texture, and a lot of squish, and it’s a really cute addition to our collection!

Buy from BestVibe US for $53.53

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