Dispatches From Space: March 2023

cw: mentions of health stuff, some pictures of dolls

What I’ve Been Up To

I had some oral surgery earlier this month after a really dumb saga featuring pain, lots of dentist referrals, and scheduling around my birthday. (Oh, I also had a birthday!) Recovery has been a bit slow but it’s getting there. Mostly at the moment I’m just really tired at all times. So, y’know, basically like usual.

The weather’s been getting a lot nicer here in SC, hitting mid-80s, and it’s been so nice to go out into the sun for a bit! Damien and I are maybe planning a picnic at one of the local parks this weekend. We’re also talking about doing a drive to the mountains when I’m feeling better.

Currently Reading

I recently read some great Animorphs fanfiction. Any Animorphs fans in the house?

Eleutherophobia by SoloMoon is a post-canon AU with one major divergence from canon, and it is fantastic. It’s a series, and I couldn’t stop reading it until I’d devoured the whole thing.

Currently Watching

Damien and I started watching 7 Days, a 90s sci fi series with time travel shenanigans. Damien really liked it back when it aired, so we got them the DVD set a few years ago but we only recently got around to watching it.

I’ve also been watching a bunch of Bernadette Banner’s backlog, because she gives me so much inspiration to sew my miniature projects. (more below!)

Current Favorite Kinks

CGL is super helpful when you don’t feel well.

Current Favorite Sex Toys

Honestly, I have no sex drive at the moment. Sex toys are currently interesting objects in a box in my room. However, feel free to brows my favorites tag!

This Month In Queer Fashion

I realized I missed my gothier stuff, and I’ve been experimenting in general. I’ve got some cute lace details and even some skirts again, and it’s been interesting to try those out again after skipping out on anything I fear might read feminine. It still feels very androgynous to me, because it’s on me! I’m having fun putting together some new outfits and expanding my definition of Dressing Like Myself.

Upcoming Content, Hopefully

  • Another BestVibe review.
  • I sent a query to a gender-neutral lingerie company, let’s see if they’re interested in working with me!
  • I’m talking to an author friend about reviewing her upcoming novel.
  • I’d love to write some erotica again! It’s been a while.

What I’ve Been Crafting

For my birthday I got a second-hand doll on a whim, and I was slapped with inspiration to make her into a steampunk character. I’ve completed one full outfit for her, and I’m working on a second, all of which contain a lot of separates to mix and match a bit. The lacy Victorian/Edwardian-inspired blouse is one of my best creations to date!

Less technically complicated compared to all the lace, I also made some pajamas for my tiny kitten doll.

Some Links To Charities

Drag Defense Fund via ACLU

National Alliance to End Homelessness (and some info on the Housing First model)

Freedom to Read Foundation

Obligatory Cat Photos

We got them a very large cat tree, which they’ve been enjoying! It’s like six and a half feet tall. I’m a bit over five feet, so yeah, it’s a lot.

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