Kink Ideas: Human Plate

content notes and warnings: Obviously this (sponsored) post deals with some kink scenarios which, in addition to the basic “human plate” concept described, includes mentions of D/s, impact and sensory play, bondage, and mentions of cgl/ddlg/”daddy dom”. This is also a sponsored post that mentions sex dolls, and also includes a picture of a non-sex doll.

Part of a doll, which is clad in pink panties and pink and white socks. It is laying face-down, and the camera is looking down its back, on which are placed three conversation hearts candies in pink and purple.
[This is not a Tantaly sex doll, this is a non-sexy ball-jointed doll from the company ResinSoul.]

I was chatting with a friend recently and, because I am incapable of having normal conversations, we wound up talking about kink scenarios. Specifically, we discussed having a sub lay out as a human plate for their dom—similar to the popularized-in-media nyotaimori scenario. While neither food play, human furniture play, nor splosh are among my regular kinks, I found the concept appealing—it combines service with sensation play, and requires someone to lay very, very still. I haven’t tried out a scene like this yet, but when Tantaly reached out asking if I’d like to do a sponsored post, I thought it was a good opportunity to explore a few scenarios. So, let’s look at some ideas! Many of these can or even should be combined, but I think they all sound fun.

Safety and Suggestions

First, some safety notes. Aside from the usual kink safety, anything involving food requires some extra notes. Don’t put food near genitals! That’s a really good way to get a yeast infection, and yes, penises can also get yeast infections. You may want to put plastic wrap down on your human plate for easy clean-up. Don’t use sharp cutlery on your human (and probably not on your new sex doll either) and especially not with food. Don’t use food your partner is allergic to, obviously. Like…please just use common sense here. If there are some things you’d like to do that you can’t put a human through, that may actually be a good time to check out Tantaly’s realistic sex doll offerings; sponsorship aside, sometimes fantasy benefits from having a prop. We’ll talk more about that later!

Scenario One: Human Plate Can’t Move

Imagine it for a moment. You (a sub, for purposes of this discussion) are laying out on a table or a bed (probably with several towels or a tarp beneath you). Your dom spreads plastic wrap out on your torso, and begins to lay out some charcuterie. “Don’t move,” your dom says, “or you will be in trouble.” You’re tasked now with not only obeying your dom, but ensuring that none of the crackers they’ve neatly lined up shift and fall onto the surface beneath you. Seems easy enough…until your nose itches, or your dom starts using a butter knife to spread some cream cheese and tickles you, or even starts to touch you just to see what you do…

“We’re doing XYZ and you’re not allowed to move” is a fun scenario for me, even though I’m really bad at it. I like having concrete instructions and, if I do manage it, I love the inevitable praise; if I fail, I enjoy the occasional bout of derisive laughter and the reminder of what I’m supposed to be doing, always stated as condescendingly as possible. Combined with the novelty of food and some unusual sensation, I can imagine it being both more difficult, but also having more concept of how not to move—it’s less abstract when there’s actually an object balancing on your tummy.

You could even make it harder by incorporating a vibrator or spanking. Having to receive sensation and still not being allowed to move makes it harder and, ultimately, more rewarding to succeed…or fail. Bondage would also be natural to include here.

Scenario Two: Using a Doll

Okay, yes, here’s where I’m earning my pay, but honestly this seems like a natural extension of the human plate kink. If you lack a willing sub but still like the fantasy, why not get a sex doll to spread your PB&J fixings onto? Yes, as with any sex toy, it will lack some aspects—it can’t react to sensation or listen to your instructions—but it still makes a fun prop.

You could also use a doll alongside a partner. Multiple buffet tables! Plus, imagine having to compete with a sex doll. Sure, it seems like the doll would win in the not-moving department, but then, maybe your chest is easier to put things on than their curvy sex doll, or maybe you just have more real estate than their mini sex doll.

I also think a sex doll could be useful in trying out certain things, like practicing bondage, especially more elaborate things like shibari harnesses. Also, if the plate in this scenario happens to have a penis they like to use…you could probably find even more creative uses for a sex doll, which could necessitate some interesting positions for your human plate. Just saying.

Scenario 3: Sensory Play

Just think about it: your partner could spread some food on your belly with a tool that provides a scraping sensation. They could “accidentally” dribble some cold water onto your chest. If you’re into this sort of thing, there are squishy sensations and messy sensations, or firm ones as they set a bowl down.

A particularly sadistic dom (with consent, as always) could even incorporate other tools into your play, like nipple clamps or a Wartenberg wheel. Sure, you don’t usually use a spiked wheel to cut soft food with, but there’s no rule that says you can’t. (Please wash it thoroughly after.) Some of these might compromise plastic wrap or anything else you’re using as a barrier, so be aware of that, but you can always replace it if you need to.

Scenario 4: Instant Aftercare

So, one of my spouse’s big things with aftercare is to go make us both a snack, both because the caregiving helps them get to the right place, and also because they like being able to physically do something. Well, conveniently…you’ve been a plate this whole time, the food is right there and they may have just made a sandwich on top of your own ass. Might as well eat it.

Beyond that, when I was talking about this with my friend, they pointed out how easy it would be for my Daddy dom partner to take care of me after. “Oh, you’re a mess, let’s get you into the tub and I’ll get some jammies for you after.” But a less nurturing-focused dom could find other ways to incorporate aftercare—taking a shower together to clean each other up, would be great, followed by some cuddles and, of course, any physical care either party might need.

Thanks again to Tantaly for sponsoring this post.

Have fun and be safe, y’all!

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