Dispatches from Space: October 2022

cw: as usual, due to my hobby, this post might have some doll photos, so if you have a doll phobia be advised! Also, contains mentions of mental health issues, and a brief mention of CGL.

What I’ve Been Up To

Have…Have I been up to anything? I didn’t post much at all this summer, I must have done something since April. Oh! Damien and I went on a lovely little trip for our 10th anniversary in June, where we just drove to the seaside and hung around a cheapish hotel room, bought fancy chocolate, walked through a wetlands, and played on the beach. It was really lovely.

Two white nonbinary people. Left person is short, wearing a visor and thick glasses, grinning with their teeth. Right is a taller person with some freckles, also wearing glasses as well as a driving cap, with a closed-mouth smile.
Me on the left, Damien on the right. Hilariously, I think this is the first picture of their face on my blog.
A white crane standing in some water, and its reflection.
This is neither me nor Damien. I think.

Otherwise…I’m going to be honest, y’all. I haven’t been doing great. I haven’t been blogging much because sex is about as interesting to me at the moment as pocket lint, and I’ve had some health and mental health nonsense I’m dealing with. But, hey, we get through the rough patches eventually.

I have been writing non-blog stuff here and there, and I’m planning to do NaNoWriMo this year, if I can pick what I want to write! I did a modified NaNo last year, writing a bunch of short-form erotica, some of which made it onto the blog, but I’m hoping to do an actual novel this time around. If you’re doing NaNo, here’s my profile, feel free to add me as a writing buddy!

Currently Reading

“Going Public” by Hudson Lin This was a fun gay romance, and had a demisexual main character (!!!). I got it through the Cloud Library app via my library, and I’m going to have to read more from this author.

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas I enjoyed this one very much! It’s a supernatural YA novel with a trans Latino main character.

Currently Watching

The US version of Ghosts is back on, so of course we’ve started watching that.

Ghost Files on the Watcher YouTube channel. (Lots of ghosts, I guess—seasonally appropriate, if nothing else!)

Oh, also managed to watch Encanto about 10 times in the last several months, so y’know, a few months after everyone else finished being obsessed with it.

Also watched A League of Their Own. The movie is one of my favorites, and the TV series is all that I enjoyed + extremely, extremely queer.

Current Favorite Kinks

Uh…CGL. Basically just CGL. Feel free to check out my CGL tag for more info, as well as my kink as a coping mechanism tag.

Current Favorite Sex Toys

Masturbation is largely disinteresting to me of late, so I’ve been going with the ol’ reliable Silver Bullet on the occasions when I remember I really ought to. If anything ever happens to it, I’ll cry. (And then, y’know, probably get a new one. But crying first!)

This Month in Queer Fashion

Growing my hair out again for autumn; I get chronic ear aches so I have to wear hats in cold weather, usually beanies, and they look a little nicer if my hair’s a bit shaggy. Or, well, I think they do. (It’ll be a bit before I get to “shaggy” though.) I’m planning to bleach it as well, just haven’t had time, so for the moment it’s back to my natural dark blond with a little bit of purple remaining on the ends. It looks sort of intentional?

Ollie taking a mirror selfie; their outfit includes a driving cap, a black tank top with a cat on it, plaid green and black cropped pants, and black quilted slip-on shoes.
The cropped pants mentioned below.
Ollie, chest-up, wearing a whtie shirt with a gray pattern on it, floral suspenders, and glasses. Their hair is kind of short and parted to one side and, as described in the paragraph above, dark blond with bits of purple.
Current hair growth–the sides were shaved a couple months ago!

Clothingwise, I’m really into these gray Polo pants I have, and now that it’s not packer-meltingly hot out all the time I’m wearing them more. I also have these great wool-blend cropped pants that I’m pleased to haul out of the drawer again; they look so fucking cool, although they lack pockets. We might put pockets in later, though.

Upcoming Content, Hopefully

Well, November of course always brings the annual scramble to get all the Black Friday deals listed, so you can look forward to that. I’ve also been working on a super basic guide to sex toys, including basics about vibrators and anatomy—the guide I needed at some point, as someone raised in a sex-negative, very Christian environment. I’ll post that whenever I’m reasonably satisfied with it!

What I’ve Been Crafting

I’ve still just been sewing like crazy for dolls, and I think I’ve been improving a lot! I’m pleased with this little sock sweater I made for Ambrose out of some Halloween socks I got from JoAnn Fabrics, and this blouse-and-jumper set I made for Max.

A blue-skinned, pink-haired doll, wearing a pink sweater with pumpkins and bats on it, as well as pink leggings and white sneakers.
This is Ambrose!
A doll with golden swirls on their cheeks as well as transparent pink axolotl fins, hands, and feet. They're dressed in a white blouse with a lace collar, and a strappy pinafore printed with hydrangeas.
Max! They look like one of the Von Trapp children.

I also helped Damien make this cool wreath for autumn. We have two black cats, so we’re leaning into the black cat décor.

A crescent wreath with autumn flowers, pumpkins, and berries; at the center is a black cat, reaching up to play with a dangling obsidian.

This Month’s Link to Charity


Obligatory Cat Photos

Sometimes, Jinx and Lucky try to kill each other. Other times… Look at them! LOOK AT THEM.

Two black cats cuddled up together.
Pretty sure left is Jinx and right is Lucky but honestly, I guess it doesn’t matter.
A black cat curled up on a wicker platform with a pink butterfly cushion on top of it.
Here’s Jinx, having fallen asleep on the foot rest Damien keeps under their desk.

A black cat in a red cat bed.
This is where Lucky hangs out when we’re watching TV, right under the coffee table.

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