Ollie’s Favorite Toys (+ Top Budget Picks!)

I’ve been reviewing sex toys since 2019, and using them since 2009; in that time I’ve discovered several favorite toys—and I’ve never actually bothered to collect them into one single list! I did create a list of my favorite impact toys, but for some reason, never got around to the rest.

So, here it is! All my favorites in one place, with convenient links. Do some of these seem a little pricey? I’ve also listed my favorite under-$25 toys below! All of these, including the budget toys, are ones I’ve used and enjoyed personally.

My Most-Used Toys


Three vibrators: A yellow silicone one, a silver bullet, and a sparkly wand vibrator.

Blush The Realm Silver Bullet

I love bullets, and its predecessor, the Exposed Nocturnal, had failed to impress me. But when I was given the option to review the Silver Bullet a few years ago, it quickly became my favorite. The vibrations are strong, the shape is fantastic for my pinpoint preferences, and it’s pretty. At $39.99, it’s a decent price as well, especially considering I’ve had mine for a year and a half, used it a lot, and it’s still doing great.

I originally reviewed this toy for Betty’s Toy Box, but sadly they no longer carry it.

Read my review

Buy from SheVibe for $39.99

Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine

I got this one back in 2019 and it’s still in regular rotation. It’s not quite as pinpoint as the Silver Bullet, but it has a nice, precise, and squishy tip that’s a lot of fun, and because of its handle set up, it’s my favorite toy to use on days when my wrist is sore, because vibrations don’t travel into my hand and aggravate it.

I also don’t normally go for internal vibration—it usually just annoys me—but I’ve discovered over the years that I actually enjoy this one vaginally, especially with another toy used clitorally. The size and shape are just right for G-spot stimulation with a little additional oomph on my clit, and sometimes it’s enough to push me into orgasm even without a clit toy, if I’m warmed up enough. That’s super fun.

Its name still sucks, though.

Read my review

Buy from SheVibe for $47.99

Doxy Die Cast 3

I’m not really big on wands, but sometimes, you really do just need a vibrator that’ll slam an orgasm out without any real effort on your part. My go-to is the Doxy 3, which I own in Disco Black because why not get the sparkliest one available? Unlike many other wands and the other versions of the Doxy, the Doxy 3 has a slimmer head, which I find much more pleasing to use as someone with a somewhat finicky clit that requires some precision. It’s also a little lighter which, again, is better for my wee delicate wrists. (It’s also a great back massager, because I’m old people.)

Never reviewed this one!

Buy from SheVibe for $170


Two dildos, one rainbow and one lime green.

Uberrime Uno

I love Uberrime anyway; I have yet to find an Uberrime toy that I don’t like; even the ones that don’t necessarily work for me are gorgeous toys that I’m delighted to own and attempt to play with! Uberrime creates amazingly inventive fantasy toys, and I love and admire them all. But my most-used Uberrime toy is perhaps the simplest: the Uno.

I’m as surprised as you are, since I normally love texture. But the Uno is just the right size and shape, with a G-spot head made for precision. And Uberrime’s toys always have a wonderful squish that’s just so satisfying to play with. It’s very similar to its stationary vaginal plug cousin, Sensi, which I also love, but unlike the Sensi, the Uno is built for thrusting which is my favorite thing to do with a dildo.

Read my review

Buy from Early2Bed for $69.00 (nice)

NS Novelties Colours Pleasures 5-Inch

This is the one I use when I’m more in the mood for Texture without being in the mood for Girth, which is more often than not lately. (If I want something with more size to it, its bigger brother the 8-Inch is a champ, or an Uberrime. But mostly, I seem to go for smaller dildos.) This is one of the dildos I acquired before starting my blog, and it’s still one I use with regularity!

Its shape is realistic-ish if that’s what you’re going for, but it’s firmer than the real thing, and that firmness means every vein is very present in use. When I want a fair amount of texture in my vagina, this does the job. Its price has gone up a bit since I first reviewed it, but at about $35 it’s still pretty inexpensive for such a pretty toy with so much to offer.

Read my review

Buy from SheVibe for $35

Buy from Betty’s Toy Box for $35

Anal Plugs

Tantus Perfect

Look, I’m still a butt wimp, and so this tiny, thin toy is still my favorite. The bumps add some interesting texture, it’s extremely small, and the narrow base fits comfortably between my rather ample butt cheeks.

Read my original post that’s technically not a review

Buy from SheVibe for $25.99

Buy from Tantus for $28.99

A purple butt plug leaning against a wedge-shaped cushion with a hole in it.


Liberator Tula

Liberator pillows and position aids are expensive as shit, I realize this. But honestly, the Liberator Tula is one of the best investments I’ve made in terms of sex toy usage. Liberator has several sex toy mounts, but the Tula having two spots for toys has been extremely useful. I can put the Yummy Sunshine or a wand in the side and lay back for a mostly-hands-free orgasm, or I can put something in the top pocket and enjoy some grinding action. Heck, I don’t even need to have a toy in the top pocket; just laying a slim vibrator down on the narrow top edge of this triangle-shaped pillow can be great for grinding without any insertion at all. And, of course, as with all Liberator toys, it’s really easy to clean up any lube or bodily fluids that may occur.

No review on this one!

Buy from Betty’s Toy Box for $110

Best Budget Picks

While the toys above are my absolute most-used favorites, many of them are kind of pricey. They’re worth it to me, in the here and now; but before reviewing toys, a lot of them might have been out of my reach. Sex toys should not be reserved only for those with a lot of disposable income. Prices do, of course, fluctuate, so some of these might end up pricier if you’re reading this in the archives in the future. In the meantime, here are my favorite vibrator, dildo, and butt plug for under $25 as of August 2022:

A bullet vibrator, a blue dildo, and a rainbow heart-shaped butt plug.

Rocks-Off RO-80

I have a rose gold RO-80 vibrator, which is no longer available anywhere that I can find, but the toy itself is still manufactured. While I generally prefer rechargeable toys, that’s not an option for everyone. The RO-80 was a reliable little toy for a long time for me, and while it’s no longer in my regular rotation, the damn thing still works after like six years. It’s also consistently under $20, small and discreet, and pretty cute.

Read my review

Buy from Betty’s Toy Box in Silver for $19.99

Buy from SheVibe in Gun Metal for $15.99

Funkit Toys NoFrillDo Bluetini With A Twist

I have an older color variation of this dildo, but it’s the same toy. A simple twisted design, this is a pure silicone dildo that’s slim but very pleasurable. The silicone shore is fairly firm but not uncomfortable by any means, and it’s a pleasant texture. It also has a flared base, making it suitable for vaginal use, anal use, or harness play.

I never got around to reviewing this one!

Buy from SheVibe for $24

Rear Assets Multicolor Metal & Rainbow Gem Heart Plug

This cute little butt plug is also a really fun one. The color of both the metal and the gem are fun, it’s comfortable for me, and does that thing that anal plugs are supposed to do, which is to stay in my ass. And, if rainbows and hearts aren’t your thing, the Rear Assets line has about a thousand different variations. Unlike some of the other budget toys, this is actually used pretty regularly in my house.

Read my review

Buy from Betty’s Toy Box for $12.99

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