Dispatches From Space: April 2022

Content notes & warnings: I do have a few pictures of dolls due to my doll collecting/crafting hobby, so if you have doll phobias maybe mosey on out of this one. I also talk a little about depression. Also food. Oh yeah and impact play.

What I’ve Been Up To

Avoiding Twitter mostly. There are a lot of people I really like on Twitter, but the algorithm is specifically designed to ruin my mental health and I don’t have a lot of that to spare, so I have been Away From It All. In the meantime, I’ve been having more fun on Tumblr (which I find much easier to curate) and Facebook, which also has issues but I mostly use to interact with people I’m friendly with, and also groups specific to my hobbies. Hobbies are the other thing I’ve been focusing a lot of attention on—see more discussion of my doll collecting hobby below! We’ve also done some baking; we made a gluten-free wacky cake that was pretty tasty. We used this recipe.

[Image: an unfrosted chocolate cake.]

Currently Reading

I haven’t started reading it yet, but I just got Hunger Pangs: True Love Bites by Joy Demorra. The one I got is the full smutty version, but Joy Demorra also thoughtfully put out a smut-free Fluff & Fangs Edition for the less smut-inclined and I just thought that was the coolest thing.

Currently Watching

I’ve been doing Quantum Leap with my polycule; I’d never seen it before and realized it was basically the kind of sci fi I really like: fairly optimistic and extremely dated. (Also, my second hand bookstore had the full series on DVDs.)

Speaking of dated, I’m also watching MASH with Damien—season four onward because I actually hate Trapper John.

Some Queer Earthling lore: Back in high school I was so obsessed with MASH, and so annoyed at the cost of the then-newly released DVDs, that I just bought a bunch of VHS tapes and taped the reruns off Hallmark channel. Literally got every single episode that way. I wonder what happened to those tapes? (Well, I know the one with “Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler” and a few others got broken and I was devastated, but I guess that’s okay now since I have it all on a drive and don’t even own a VCR.)

Current Favorite Kinks

Damien and I were talking about what a shame it is that we never got me a schoolgirl skirt for scene reasons when I still wore more skirts and dresses, and the conversation turned into the idea of Headmaster Damien ‘punishing’ me for not wearing a skirt as part of my uniform. So uh. I’m…into that.

In practice, though? The most recent kink scene was basically “I’m sad, please spank joy back into my body,” which worked pretty well all things considered. I’m a big fan of kink as a coping mechanism and Damien is happy to help and do some coping of their own.

Current Favorite Sex Toys

I’m honestly less interested in vibrators and dildos and orgasms at the moment (which is slightly an issue since I need to review some regular sex toys) and I’m much more excited about getting my ass beaten lately, as above. My fantasies have mostly been absorbed by my go-to small thuddy toy, the Shadow Ball Crop, and occasionally an upgrade to a literal meat tenderizer. It doesn’t get an affiliate link because it’s a meat tenderizer.

This Month In Queer Fashion

Listen, I got some trans flag suspenders and I’m kind of in love with them. So, naturally, I’ve been wearing more button-down shirts to accompany. Oh also my hair is pink now, so as you can see I match my doll Ambrose now. (The tube said pink, it dyed kinda purple at first, then faded dramatically to…pink. All right then.)

[Image description: White enby with pink hair, wearing a pineapple shirt with trans suspenders; there’s a pink-haired, teal-skinned doll on their shoulder.]

Upcoming Content, Hopefully

What I’ve Been Crafting

As mentioned, lots of doll stuff! Ryn from Ryn’s Revels sent us a pair of dolls after leaving the hobby, so Damien and I both repainted them, which is called doing faceups in the doll hobby. You can check out the results of mine at my doll tumblr, and Damien’s at theirs. And then the dolls we’d ordered to exchange in honor of our upcoming anniversary (June 27 makes it 10 years together!) arrived this week. So more sewing ahead as well as more faceups!

This Month’s Link To Charity

Human Rights Campaign

Obligatory Cat Photos

[image: Two black cats on a cat tree. Left is Jinx, right is Lucky.]
[Image: A black cat sitting very close to a doll; this one is Lucky.]
[image description: A black cat with light coloring in his ears, looking very wide-eyed at the camera; this one is Jinx.]

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