Dispatches From Space: March 2022

Content notes and warnings: Mentions of bereavement & pet death; mentions of depression, dysphoria, and menstruation; brief non-explicit mentions of CGL and medical kink

In an effort to post fairly regularly, I thought I might start doing occasional general life updates. There’s been a lot happening the past few months that have definitely affected posting, and thought it might be a nice way to maintain something like a schedule and also connect with y’all who read the blog. I’m not a hundred percent sure on my “categories” here, but I’m sure it will—like everything else—evolve as I do it.

What I’ve Been Up To

I lost a relative and a cat within the same week in early January, so 2022 got off to a rough start. In February though we got a bonded pair of almost identical kitty brothers, black cats named Jinx and Lucky. I promise there are cat photos at the bottom of the post! Getting to know them has helped so much. (I also had my twice yearly Really Long Period, which didn’t help my mood or dysphoria much, and knocked my sex drive down to zero, which made blogging about sexual content VERY difficult.) Oh, also I turned 34 on March 4! Good job, me. I’ve also been taking a lot of walks, including one to one of our favorite local nature reserves. Check out this gator we saw! (From a safe distance.)

[Image description: A view across some water; there’s an alligator on the opposite bank. (If you’re looking and can’t find the gator, it’s near that park maintenance box thing.)]

Currently Reading

Queering Your Craft by Cassandra Snow. Not sure if it’ll get a review or not, I’m reading a bit slowly at the moment; I’m enjoying it so far, though!

Currently Watching

Damien and I have been watching Ghosts on Paramount+. We’re about halfway through the series so far. The stuff we usually like (Star Trek, etc) has just been too intense lately, so a lighthearted series about dead people is apparently just what we need? We’ve also been watching a fair amount of Morgan Donner and Abby Cox on YouTube. We also rewatched Chocolat for my birthday primarily because I love Alfred Molina.

Also, together, my polycule has been watching Tasting History With Max Miller and Rachel Maksy quite a bit, as well as rewatching some Studio Ghibli films—some of which one or two of us have seen and not the other(s), so that’s been super fun. (But I mean, we got two black cats, we had to watch Kiki’s Delivery Service!)

Current Favorite Kinks

CGL mostly—my standard comfort kink. It’s become much easier to just slip into little space ever since having that month-long little “vacation,” which is really good for me and for Damien, who loves when I’m little enough to actually ask for help. We’ve also been talking about doing a medical play scene but things keep coming up including, ironically, actual illness.

Current Favorite Sex Toys

My standard go-to Blush Silver Bullet continues to be reliable, even when my sex drive is unavailable for comment. I also finally got a Liberator toy mount recently (specifically Tula in purple) and I’m a huge fan, although I keep forgetting to, y’know, use it.

This Month In Queer Fashion

The weather’s been weird and I’ve been tired, so it’s been a lot of muscle tanks and flannels so I can warm up/cool off as needed. The warmer weather does mean I don’t have to wear hats all the time (I get chronic ear infections so I wear beanies from November to February) so we could shave the sides of my head again—The Mohawk is long enough for ponytails now, so I get to feel like a cool Viking or maybe a troubled but hot delinquent from an early 90s movie.

[Image: White enby with shaved sides, wearing a black tank top]
[Image: White enby in a “live laugh lurk” Mothman tank top under a red flannel, also wearing a brown beanie and glasses]

Upcoming Content, Hopefully

  • A post about neopronouns
  • Another Uberrime review
  • A post about feeling sexy
  • A review of The Erotic Tarot
  • A super top secret thing that I hope others will find as amusing as I do

What I’ve Been Crafting

Doll stuff! Long-time readers or people who watch my Twitter know that Damien and I collect ball-jointed dolls (here’s my doll Tumblr) and I love photographing them, and I’ve also been working on improving my sewing for them. I ordered a new doll for my birthday AND Damien took advantage of a sale to get us some dolls for our 10th anniversary this June (!!!!) so my crafting efforts are for the upcoming dollies, whenever they get here. I made a couple of very cute dresses for a smaller doll, using a similarly sized one that I already have as a model—doesn’t he look cute? We’re also making a mini vampire hunting kit for one of the big dolls we ordered, because we had so much fun making the human-sized vampire kit a few years ago.

Some Links To Charities

The UN Refugee Agency

Equality Texas

I seriously considered linking to my local SPCA, from which I got my cats, but that would compromise my safety since I live in a small town. Does your local animal shelter need money, equipment, or volunteers?

Obligatory Cat Photos

Because I promised. Don’t worry if you can’t tell them apart, I’ve had them a month and a half and I’m still not sure on occasion.

[Image description: Two black cats in a cat tree. (Jinx is on the left, Lucky on the right.)]
[Image: Lucky (black cat) on a white floral blanket.]
[Image: Jinx (black cat) laying on his back in a cat tree]

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  1. I personally enjoy update posts! So cool that you got a toy mount. I am saving up my Betty’s Bucks for one and I’m getting close to being able to get one.

    So sorry for your losses. Glad to see you posting. Congrats on the new kitties.


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