Erotica: Respecting Xeir Things

Content notes and warnings: nonsexual kink; spanking; ownership language; D/s; punishment/correction; kink honorifics including “daddy” and “little one” as well as “boy” used neutrally. These nonbinary characters use fae/fem and xey/xem pronouns; one is mentioned to have a vulva but there are no other genital details.

[Image description: The tip of a riding crop over a regular, cluttered bureau, with candles, a jewelry box, and knicknacks.]

“Now,” Jax said, towering over Laurel. The latter knelt on the ground, on faer hands and knees, as Jax stood at xeir full six feet. “Tell me exactly why you’re here.”

Laurel started to look down, but Jax gently slid the riding crop under faer chin and tilted it up to look at xem.

“No, little one,” Jax said, but not unkindly. “Look at me when you answer.”

Laurel took a deep breath. Fae could still feel the stiffness under faer eyes, from bursting into tears in the kitchen not long ago. Jax had checked a dozen times if fae was up for this, but that was beyond the point: fae wasn’t just okay with it; fae needed it.

“I—I forgot to ask for help,” Laurel said finally. “And then I got overwhelmed.”

“Good boy,” said Jax. “And you know why you need to ask for help and not push yourself?”

Laurel hesitated a moment. “Because…I need help sometime?” fae offered.

Jax laughed, and crouched down next to fem. “Yes, but more than that.” When no answer came, xey cupped faer chin. “If I let you borrow my phone,” xey said, in that kind, patient, condescending tone that fae craved, “you wouldn’t run it down to nothing and fling it on the floor when the battery ran out, would you?”

No sir,” Laurel said, horrified at the thought.

“And if I lent you a shirt, you wouldn’t deliberately tear holes in it, would you?”

“Probably not,” Laurel agreed, shifting a little. The position wasn’t great on the knees, but fae could hold it for a while.

“No,” agreed Jax. “Because you know to treat my things with respect and care.” Xey tried to keep xeir voice silky and dominant. “Right?” xey asked, and xeir voice squeaked on the vowel.

Laurel started giggling, made worse by the fact that fae couldn’t very well cover faer mouth.

“Hey!” Jax tapped faer bottom with the crop. Fae tried to drop faer face to keep from looking at Jax and maybe, just maybe, to stem the giggles, but after the previous crying jag, it was impossible.

Finally xey started laughing, too. “Okay, but you get my point, right, sweetie?”

Laurel finally got through those giggles and took a breath, then another. “I know, Daddy,” fae said, breathless. “I know you worry about me—”

“It isn’t just worry, hon,” said Jax, and now xey sat down beside fem so Laurel had to turn to see. “It is. I mean, it always is. But that wasn’t my point with those illustrations.”

Laurel swallowed hard, and thought back through what xey’d said. “It’s about…respecting what’s yours?” fae asked.

“Were you asking me or telling me?”

“Telling you in a really unconfident way,” Laurel answered.

The crop’s sting on faer ass was startling, but faded quickly; the sound, though, the crack of leather on skin, seemed to hover in the air.

“You,” said Jax, “need to show respect to my things. You do with most of them. But then you don’t apply it to yourself.” Xey dragged the crop down faer thigh, and tapped again, lightly. “It’s almost,” xey said, slowly, “like you don’t remember who you belong to.”

Laurel shivered.

“So,” Jax said. “Let’s go over this again. What do you do if you need help, Laurel?”

“I—I ask Daddy,” fae said, and let out a long breath.

“And why?”

Everything—Jax’s giggle-inducing squeak, the crying and overwhelm, every plan they had for later—all seemed to fall away.

“Because…because I need…to take care of your things,” Laurel breathed, and closed faer eyes.

“Good boy. Such a good boy,” Jax said. “You got that so quickly that I think you’ve earned a reward…and a reminder. Do you think ten is enough to make sure you remember that?”

“I—I don’t know,” Laurel admitted. Fae knew fae would always struggle with it, but more importantly…faer head was starting to get just fuzzy enough that fae weren’t sure fae could count to ten.

Jax laughed. “Yeah,” xey said, “well, we’ll just have to try it for now and see where things go, won’t we?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Laurel said, turning faer head to look at xem.

Jax pet faer back, dragging soft fingers along the dip of faer spine. “Okay, baby bean. You ready?”

Yes, Daddy,” Laurel said, impatient, and Jax let out a wicked laugh.

“You sure?” xey asked, voice pure innocence. “I could wait a little longer…”

Laurel suppressed another sound of impatience, and took a deep breath. “Whatever you want, Daddy,” fae said finally.

Jax’s hand stilled on faer back. “Oh, good answer,” xey said, and Laurel was rewarded with a good, solid thwack of crop on ass.

This time the sting seemed to linger on faer skin, tingling and unable to fade before it was matched on the other side by another blow. And Jax drew back, giving xemself room to swing, giving xemself a view of Laurel’s ass as each blow sent the skin rippling and reddening.

And the pain built, from leaving a lasting tingle to more, a pain that sat on faer skin like a blessing, making each new blow seem even more intense. Laurel started gasping, faer arms trembling with the effort of holding femself up.

“You’re doing good,” Jax said. “Three more, hon, okay?”

Laurel responded with some sort of positive sound that was not in any known language, and Jax laughed.

“Count with me, Laurel,” xey said. “One…?”

“One,” Laurel echoed, voice a gasp, as the crop fell again.

The blow seemed to send a shockwave through faer ass, down faer thighs, and right to faer aching and neglected clit, slick with Jax’s inadvertent attention. Laurel had never come from spanking, but one of these days…

“Good. Two—”

Two.” Laurel’s voice sounded far away, but Jax’s was immediate.

“Okay! One more, I know you can do it.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Laurel moaned.

Three!” they said, together, and the last blow brought tears to Laurel’s eyes.

And then it was over.

The room was, suddenly, too quiet—no sounds of counting, of leather, of gasps and pants and squeaks. Just the air conditioner’s hum and their soft breathing.

Laurel lowered femself down to the ground, face on faer hands, and sighed softly. That hadn’t been an orgasm but it had sure as hell been a climax.

“Stay there,” Jax directed, as if Laurel could even move at this point, and crossed the room for a moment. “Can you turn over, honey? There’s one more thing I want to do.”

With a little grunt, Laurel turned over, feeling the cool air on faer skin and looking up at Jax’s face, beautiful and strong.

Jax knelt down beside fem again, and uncapped a marker with a pop. Xeir brows knit together, xey bent over Laurel’s skin. In a fairly steady hand, xey scribbled a proclamation over faer chest, pressing down just hard enough for fem to really feel it.

Daddy’s Property.

Jax set the marker down, bent over, and blew on it to dry it, making Laurel let out a little sound at the sudden cool sensation on faer skin.

“There,” Jax said, and bent to kiss faer forehead before laying a soft fleece blanket over fem, and sitting down beside, closing xeir eyes. “Give Daddy a few minutes, and then we’ll have a snack, okay?”

“Mm,” said xeir property, and smiled contentedly.

Brief commentary: I decided to write this, with characters based on my partner and myself, to fill a niche because I’ve rarely seen neopronouns in erotica or any other fiction; and when they are used, they are rarely for everyday human characters.

This story is fictional, but could easily happen in my household. If you would like to read real stories of my dynamic, check out Moments from Earth; if you’d like something significantly less realistic, try out my fantasy tag; and if you just wanna read some smutty stories and don’t care, check out my erotica tag!

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