Black Friday 2021

December 1, 2021 update: These are all over but I’m leaving this up for now! We’ll see if I take it down later.

Instead of trampling people at Walmart, why not stay home and get some awesome deals on sex toys?

Not sure what to get? Check out my favorite impact toys or look into any of my reviews or my tagged favorites.

[SheVibe banner advertising huge sales with code BEACH.]

SheVibe‘s Black Friday deals are always completely wild! If you spend over $350 you can get 25% off with code BEACH, which will also take smaller percentages off of smaller orders. They’ve also restocked everything, but be sure to try to buy early. Ends Monday 11/29.

[Betty’s Toy Box banner advertising up to 50% off.]

Betty’s Toy Box has sales on tons of luxury brands, and even up to 50% off on stuff like Everything Bondage kits! Their sale ends Monday 11/29.

[Good Vibes banner showing 20% off site-wide]

Good Vibes has 20% off site-wide through Monday 11/29!

[Babeland banner for 20% off]

Babeland is also doing 20% off site-wide through Monday 11/29.

[Womanizer banner advertising 42% off a Womanizer Pro40]

Womanizer is doing a huge sale as well, with up to 50% off on several items! They’re one of the first air pulse toy brands, and could be an awesome gift. This sale is good through Saturday Dec 4. You can also use the code EXTRA10 for another 10% off!

[WeVibe banner, showing 40% off a We-Vibe Sync.]

WeVibe is also a luxury line doing a huge deal with 40%-50% off! This sale is also good through December 4. The code EXTRA10 will work here, too, for another 10% off sale items!

[LoveHoney banner, plain and not specific to Black Friday]

LoveHoney is doing up to 60% off for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! The Black Friday sale ends the 28th and then immediately go into an identical Cyber Monday sale, which end 11/30. They have an extra code for another 10% off all penis toys using the code BFMALE, the gendering of which we are going to overlook for purposes of sweet, sweet discounts.

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These sales are not exclusive to Queer Earthling, but purchasing through my affiliate links will earn me a commission at no extra cost to you.

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