Review: CalEx Packer Gear Packing Penis 4 Inch

[Image description: The CalEx packer (described below) on a makeup cloth, with a watch and a rolled up measuring tape.]

Content notes & warnings: Mentions of gender dysphoria, brief mentions of menstruation and spankings

I was born with a functional vulva (and significantly less functional ovaries). Though I’m nonbinary, I have no real dysphoria about my factory-installed genitalia, either in use or as decoration, unless it’s bleeding. However, because I’ve been discovering gender euphoria constantly by trying different things, I decided it would be fun to try on some different junk and see how I liked it. My spouse has a fancy New York Toy Collective packer (this one, but in a different color), but I didn’t want to try theirs—that’s their dick! I wanted one of my own. So I asked Betty’s Toy Box if I could review a nice, inexpensive little packer: a CalExotics Packer Gear Silicone 4-inch Packing Penis.

(For those of you new to trans terminology and equipment: a packer is an artificial penis used not for insertion like a dildo, but to fill out underwear and so on. They can range from a balled-up sock pinned to the underwear, to extremely high-end stick-on hand-painted penis prosthetics. There are also “pack-and-play” ones that can also function as a usable dildo, ones you can stand to pee in, and so on and so forth. Kelvin Sparks has a more in-depth Soft Packing 101 post if you’re interested!)

The price point is significant, because while I receive stuff for free to review, it’s really important to me to review things that are inexpensive. Someone reading this blog might long for a packer, and worry that their choices are either: 1. Spend upwards of $60 for one that’s really nice and realistic or 2. Spend about $30 or less and get a piece of shit. On some incomes, the $26.99 Packer Gear that I’m reviewing might be a very serious spending decision; you still want to know if it’s any good before you commit to the purchase. Especially for something as personal as a packer.

So! Let’s talk about my dick!

I’m sure none of this will be news to long-time wearers (connoisseurs, even) of packers, but this is my first one, so I’m going to talk both about the product and about my feelings on the subject.

[Image description: The soft CalEx Packer Gear Packing Penis, with some small gardening shovels and a trowel.]

The CalEx Packer Gear Packing Penis 4 Inch is, you guessed it, four inches long, and made out of pure silicone. CalEx, being CalEx, labels the skin tones in food names; mine is in the color “vanilla,” and it’s also available in “caramel,” “mocha,” and “chocolate.” At $26.99, it’s the least expensive silicone packer on Betty’s Toy Box; they have a few less expensive ones, with the cheapest being an extremely low $14.99, but they’re made out of TPE or other proprietary materials, which are less body safe than silicone. (Betty’s does have two stand-to-pee packers made of silicone for slightly less, but STP packers sit differently.) The cheaper ones might be fine for some people, but my skin is sensitive so I wanted to stick with silicone.

Made out of a shiny silicone, the CalEx Silicone Packer Gear packer is understated but with detailed molding, with a pronounced head (with a little pee hole!), some wrinkles on the shaft, and extremely bumpy balls. The back of it is perfectly smooth, so it can be set up against the mons pubis.

Before I get too far into this, let me tell you now that there are some flaws in the silicone. My copy has a weird groove on the head that kind of looks like a scar, but much more glaring are a couple of air bubbles on the back of the shaft. These flaws wouldn’t be noticeable at all in use, and since this isn’t a toy meant for insertion, it shouldn’t cause any serious cleaning issues or anything, but it is still worth mentioning. Also, the silicone mix they use isn’t very realistic in touch, although it’s not the worst, but it definitely doesn’t feel like skin. It also picks up lint like crazy, so be aware that it might pick up the color of your undies by the end of the day.

[Image description: Underside of the packer shaft, with two air bubble holes circled in red.]

Betty’s also sells packing underwear and we own a couple of pairs, but I…actually didn’t really use those when testing my packer. I tried using a jock strap to hold it inside a standard pair of boxer briefs from American Eagle, and I also tried just in the underwear without the strap. Either option works just fine to keep it in place under clothes, although if you use the bathroom or anything you’ll have to readjust. (If you’d prefer to involve your dick in your bathroom adventures, there’s the above-mentioned STP options.)

The CalEx Packer Gear 4-Inch is one of the smallest packer options on Betty’s Toy Box, and for me that worked really well. I have a pretty small frame myself (I’m 5’2½” and yes that ½ is important) and I didn’t want to go full Jareth in Labyrinth with my penile accessorizing. In my boxer briefs, it just creates a bit of a bulge, barely noticeable in jeans or shorts, and just a bit noticeable in leggings (because maybe I wanted to go a bit Jareth). It doesn’t enter the room before I do, but it’s definitely there and noticeable if you’re looking for it.

[image description: The packer hiding shyly among some greenery.]

But more importantly, it’s there and noticeable if you’re wearing it. It’s not huge, but it’s hard to ignore, and if you’re looking for the sensation of hello, this is my penis, this will do just as well as an expensive packer. I definitely found myself walking differently while I wore the packer, and sitting a little differently, and just…being very aware of having it there.

For me, what I thought was especially interesting, in terms of sizing and shape, is that with the base against my mons and with underwear on, the head of it actually lines up almost perfectly with my clit, so if it’s bumped or something I feel that, in a way that’s very organic. The clit is analogous to the head of a penis, so I can imagine the feedback being really gender affirming to someone who is using it to fight dysphoria. Using a powerful vibrator externally against the packer’s head would probably feel awesome.

So how did it feel to me, in terms of Gender Feelings? Well…

It was okay?

It was a very interesting experience. I enjoyed the bit of swagger I get, and getting a spanking while wearing it was a fun experience (as all spankings are). But it didn’t make me feel any more like Me while wearing it, the way cutting my hair short or hearing Damien call me “good boy” does. To me it felt a bit like wearing my Poison Ivy cosplay: I enjoy the look, I know some people (including my spouse!) might find it attractive, and it gives a very strong Gender Vibe, but I don’t think it’s my Gender that’s being Vibed. It feels like a costume. That’s fine! I like costumes! But at the end of the day, I’m not Poison Ivy, and as it turns out, I’m not a person with a dick.

[image description: Ollie in 2018, dressed as Poison Ivy with lots of makeup, hair leaves, etc.]

I enjoyed the opportunity to wear it and try it. I’m nonbinary and still exploring what that means. And as with so many things, it’s possible that down the line, I’ll click with it more! I’m a changeable person and that’s okay. And even if I don’t wear it…I kind of enjoy owning my very own dick.

And hey. Maybe I’ll do a Poison Ivy cosplay with packer. Wouldn’t that be something?

[Image description: The packer, wearing a doll-sized suit jacket, because it knows how to dress for success.]

Bottom Line

Even if it’s not necessarily my jam, it’s a cute, inexpensive silicone packer in a range of colors. If you’re just trying out wearing a dick like I was, or if you’re on a budget, or if you just want something small, it’s worth checking out!

Buy from Betty’s Toy Box for $26.99

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This item was provided to me for free in exchange for my honest review. This post uses multiple affiliate links.

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