Review: Three Uberrime Dildos (Astra, Ripley 2.0, and Uno)

I adore Uberrime’s creations. The Sensi plug is still one of my all-time fave toys and one of my favorite reviews; while I haven’t reviewed them, I’m also fond of the discontinued Dragon Claw (discussed here) and the Jellyfish 2.0.

A one-person operation, Uberrime makes beautiful silicone toys, well-finished and gorgeously colored and, incredibly, functional as well. Since I’ve had some bad experiences with creators failing to balance form and function, his creations are practically magical.

[Description: Three colorful dildos emerging from a planter.]

So when Uberrime reached out to me, I jumped at the chance to get a few more in my collection and share them with all of you. I tried to get a variety of toys for a variety of different needs and price points, although none of these are truly budget toys.

I’m trying something a little different by reviewing them all in one post. Feel free to let me know in the comments if you like or dislike this approach!

Uberrime Astra Hippolyta Small

[Description: The Uberrime Astra Hippolyta, described below, at the edge of a planter so you can see its shape and colors.]

I picked out the Uberrime Astra in small because, well, we can’t all be size royalty. More personally, my spouse struggles a bit with inserting toys after a complete hysterectomy, and I also often enjoy smaller toys for vaginal use and, especially, for anal use, because I am a butt wimp. The Astra in small is great for all of these issues: it’s a fairly simple toy, with a large flared base (making it suitable for anal play), and a very tapered point, but not completely without interesting details. It has a gentle curve and a soft but pronounced “head,” which is great for G-spot or prostate stimulation if you have one of those in the orifice of your choice, and just feels really nice if you don’t.

The silicone itself is soft but not floppy, which is also great if you need a gentler insertable. It’s extremely comfortable. I’m able to insert it anally with no prep whatsoever, which is pretty impressive considering my lack of anal fortitude. And when I come, it feels really nice to clench around; this is something I’ve noticed with a lot of Uberrime’s toys. The shore is firm enough to use, but soft enough to feel really nice to squeeze, with a hand, vagina, or butt. It’s like a stress ball! But sexier.

Also, let’s talk about these colors? Every Uberrime toy is going to be slightly different, because they’re all hand-poured, but the Hippolyta color scheme is absolutely stunning, with cool oceanic shades of blue, turquoise, and white. Not exaggerating: it actually looks like a breaking wave turned into a simplified dick. Visually, this is one of my favorite toys in my collection.

[Description: The base of the Astra Hippolyta, showing Uberrime’s signature “latte art”.]

The Astra also comes in medium and large, if the simple shape appeals but you want something bigger, and also in several other color combinations.

Buy the small Astra from SheVibe in Hippolyta, Ruby, Letty, or Atticus for $75

Uberrime Ripley 2.0 / Uberrime Xapien Hybrid

[Description: The Uberrime Ripley 2.0 (described below) laying on some fern fronds. The photo does not do it justice but I’m trying.]

Photographs do NOT do this toy justice.

Called the Ripley 2.0 on SheVibe, Uberrime calls it the Xapien Hybrid on his own site. This is basically fanart done in the medium of dildo. He considered what a hybrid of a human and an alien from a certain significant sci fi horror franchise might look like, and as a kindness to all monsterfuckers, he then sculpted it by hand and cast it. The silicone choices are art in themselves: the one available on SheVibe is a UV reactive blue swirled with black; both colors also feature extremely fine glitter, so the toy is incredible looking from all angles and under all lighting. The colors alone are wonderful, but the colors alone are not what make this toy stand out.

Perhaps due to the marbling, it can be hard to make out all the textures and grooves of this dildo. There’s a line of distinct ridges along the bottom, but also some thick grooves along the top along the shaft, until it dips down and up again to form a pronounced but smooth head. This dildo is a bit squishy, but the texture is pronounced enough that you can still feel it—not so jarringly as with some dildos (the Tantus Magma, which also looks like a Xenomorph, comes to mind) but it’s definitely there.

I really like the head as well. With another monstery Uberrime toy, the Jellyfish 2.0, I found the head seems to catch under my pubic bone when I thrust, which is a weird and slightly startling sensation—not unpleasant, but it distracts me a little from the other sensations. The head of the Ripley is pronounced enough that I can definitely differentiate between head and shaft, and it’s big enough to press firmly against my G-spot, but the transition is smoother and much more comfortable for me.

Honestly, this might be one of my new favorite fantasy dildos. It feels very real—it’s not dual density, but the slight squish almost gives the illusion. The texture is very present and very inhuman, but I can also enjoy it even on days when my vag is too sensitive.

[Description: Ripley among some other plants, and taking up most of a flower pot.]

I should note that the Ripley is a pretty big toy. It’s long (sometimes longer than I can handle, which is fine—I can just hold onto the shaft and thrust more shallowly, and still feel a lot of the texture!) but it’s also very thick. This is also neat for certain fantasy scenarios or the size royalty among us, but I often need to warm up before I can insert it.

The base consists of a huge ball-like structure, which is really easy to hold onto. It’s also anal safe (just, uh, not for mine) and it could be harness compatible if you’re willing to put the o-ring in front of the balls instead of behind. Sometimes that looks weird, but honestly, I think you’ll live. It might even provide some bonus stimulation for the person wearing it as well, because the base is so big.

At SheVibe’s $127 listing, this is the priciest toy on today’s list, but between the size and the care put into each pour, it’s well worth it, and comparable to (or cheaper than!) a lot of other similarly sized fantasy dildos.

Buy the Ripley 2.0 from SheVibe in blue only for $127

Uberrime Uno

[Description: Bright green Uno (described below) against some red polka-dot plants.]

I actually didn’t request the Uno. He told me he accidentally made too many, so he threw this in. And uh…

Shit, I think this is one of my favorites of the bunch.

Look, I’ll admit: it’s basically the Sensi but longer. The head is remarkably similar. The coloring is also extremely similar. If you put them together, there are some serious “Don’t talk to me or my son ever again” vibes. My Uno and Sensi are even the same color! But the Sensi is a plug, meant to be inserted and to stay there. I do enjoy it, especially on bad wrist days, but sometimes I want to thrust, and the Sensi is definitely not designed for that.

Uno is.

[Description: Looking down upon the Uno, pointed at the camera.]

The Uno consists of a long, smooth shaft and a pronounced but gentle head. It looks like it might be boring. It is not. The head feels amazing. The base is really nice to hold onto, neither too big or bulky nor too small. And honestly, that’s what I feel about the whole dildo. It’s a perfect medium dildo—great for days when I don’t want something massive, but I do want to feel kinda filled up. The combination of its gently sloped head internally and a vibrator externally is exquisite.

It’s also excellent if I need a warm-up toy for something bigger, like the Ripley above. It’s big enough to get my vag used to insertion, but small enough not to hurt in the slightest.

It’s still too big for my ass, especially since it’s largely out of practice, but…I actually think I can get there at some point! It is, if you will, aspirational, pun fully intended.

Buy from SheVibe in green or orange for $59

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I received these toys directly from Uberrime in exchange for my fully honest reviews. With his permission, I requested toys available on SheVibe so that I can receive an affiliate commission should you choose to use my SheVibe links.

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