Review: Voodoo Mini Halo Extra Powerful Wand

Note: I like the toy but I was (and am) uneasy with the brand name “Voodoo,” which is often used in culturally appropriative ways. I’m not a Vodou practitioner nor connected with it culturally so I absolutely cannot speak to whether their use of it is acceptable or not; the CEO of Voodoo Toys has made a statement on the subject, which you can read from a link at the bottom of this page. I’m reviewing the toy independently of that concern and with a mind to budget and accessibility, but have other suggestions at the bottom if you’d prefer not to support this brand.

I will also note that I’ve seen a more or less identical wand elsewhere under a different brand name, but as this review is for Betty’s Toy Box, obviously I can only discuss it as presented on their site.

[Description: Purple Mini Halo wand (described below) surrounded by books and minifigs of the Halo game franchise.]

Ah, wands. For years I thought they weren’t really my thing due to how I prefer to masturbate, using a precise or small vibe at the sides of my clit. Wand heads are often too big or bulky for my preference. However, having discovered several narrower wands, like the Doxy 3 or the CalExotics Opulence, I realized wands can be lovely, even for me. I fell into a false sense of security, and thought I would like all wands.

So when I asked for more budget toys from Betty’s Toy Box, the Voodoo Toys Mini Halo wand came up. $59.99 isn’t usually within my “budget” category, but for a wand, it’s extremely affordable. It also comes in a really cute 70s-looking box, and features a travel bag, which is always a handy little addition. It also came with instructions; unfortunately, I lost the instructions and the box in a frantic deep-clean of my apartment when the management office ordered a last-second carpet cleaning with almost no warning. This will probably not happen to you.

Mine is purple, but at the time of writing this, Betty’s only has pink and black, both of which are still very pretty. The design is nice and minimalist: the head and shaft are covered in a layer of silicone with no seam between them, and a metal band at the base for decoration. The handle has a diamond pattern for better grip, and the silicone buttons are very distinct, with a broad indent as an outline. I love this, because sometimes it can be hard to find a silicone button on a silicone toy by touch alone. The charger plugs in at the base.

[Description: The Mini Halo wand between two books, a trade paperback and a mass market paperback. It is not quite as long as the first, but longer than the second.]

The power button, increase speed button, and pattern button are all separate, which is great if you (like many people) don’t really like patterns. I did struggle to turn off the patterns when I turned them on; turns out you have to keep pressing the pattern button until it gets back to the “steady” pattern, and it doesn’t default to it if you turn it off. Minor annoyance for me, but not serious; mostly I don’t use the patterns at all, so it wasn’t an issue. The patterns themselves can then be made stronger or less so using the increase button.

The head is quite broad and round, and this is great for many people. Visually, it doesn’t look too different from the Doxy 3’s head, but it was harder to maneuver to a specific spot because it’s so blunt and close to the handle, and I couldn’t get it right into that weirdly picky spot on the side of my clit.

And here, we get to the weird thing about sex toy reviewing:

Fact one: I will, personally, never use this toy to masturbate for enjoyment. I could get off with it. But I didn’t like getting off with it. It didn’t feel as satisfying as when I use other toys that are smaller or otherwise just work better for me.

Fact two: I’m still really excited about this toy, for other people.

[Description: A figure of Master Chief from Halo sitting on the head of the Mini Halo wand.]

The Mini Halo is a really well-designed toy. Its compact size is easy to store. It’s very lightweight compared to many wands; I had an easy time holding it, even with my damaged wrist, and I think this would be awesome if you don’t have a lot of hand strength, or just don’t want a workout whenever you masturbate. The vibrations, amazingly, do not travel much into the handle, which is just as important if you have hand issues. The texture on the handle makes it easy to hold onto even if your fingers are a little lubey and, as I mentioned, the buttons are very easy to find without looking.

(I should note that the on/off button requires a short press, which has tripped me up a few times, because I’m accustomed to having to hold it down to turn it on or off. “WHY WON’T THIS TURN OFF?” I wail, holding down the button for minutes on end. No. Just tap it, it’s fine.)

The vibrations themselves are quite strong. They’re a little on the buzzy side, compared to the Opulence or the Doxy 3, but unless you’re actively comparing, I don’t think it’ll be an issue. There are multiple settings as well (a total of 20, according to the manufacturer; just counting the steady speeds, I think there are 8) so you can work your way up to the strongest one, or keep it a little less intense…or just blast right up to the highest speed and go.

[Description: A white hand holding the Mini Halo wand.]

The head is flexible, but not too flexible. With some wands, you can bend the head enough that you start to worry you’re breaking it, but this one has clear resistance. This also means that if you want to press it in firmly, as some people like to do, you can! A more flexible head can sometimes make it harder to achieve the pressure you want, if indeed you want pressure at all.

If you don’t know yet if you like wands, or if you just want something cheaper than a Doxy and more lightweight than a Magic Wand, this is a great toy to try out. Even as I was using it and realizing it wasn’t compatible with my masturbation preferences, I was very happy about reviewing it, because I know it’s going to be perfect for someone else.

One of the most important things to me as a reviewer is price; I do review a fair number of expensive toys, but I am very committed to making sure there are many kinds of toys at many price points, because people have different needs at many price points. I’ve reviewed brands I don’t love (like Pipedream), because for some people, affordability is top priority. Pleasure should be available to people regardless of income.

[Description: The Halo Wand leaning on the side of a 17 pound orange and white cat who REALLY, REALLY wanted to help with my photoshoot.]

So, as a price-minded reviewer, I have to say that this is probably the best broad-stimulation wand under $70 that I’ve reviewed. Added to that, the fact that it’s very easy to hold for people with certain disabilities, I appreciate this toy very much.

If $59.99 is just a bit much for you, or you want something a little more pinpoint, the Blush Noje 4 is a decent little rechargeable wand as well. Or, if you want something under $100, I can also recommend the Lush Gia, which is a somewhat more expensive at $79.99 but still not quite as intense as other luxury brands. (It is heavier, though, if that’s a concern!) And, of course, the classic Magic Wand is only a little more expensive, though it is a little more unwieldy and has a cord; if you want the rechargeable version, the price jumps up considerably.

[Description: Master Chief on the Mini Halo wand, this time at an angle that shows the buttons and texture.]

The Bottom Line

From a price and accessibility standpoint, this is a fantastic toy. The design is lovely and very functional. It wasn’t a favorite of my own clit, but to less picky people with hand issues or strength issues, or who needs the full-sized wand experience on a not-full-sized-wand budget, this might just be the vibrator you need.

Buy from Betty’s Toy Box in black or pink for $59.99

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