Review: Sohimi Hera

[Description: A small red vibrator dangling from a tree branch.]

When Sohimi reached out to me to sponsor a review, I was a little hesitant. It’s different from most of the queer-friendly shops I tend to work with; Sohimi genders their toy categories into “toys for her” and “toys for men,” which can alienate trans customers (including me). They also sell quite a bit of unsafe-looking jelly toys. But they do also have my biggest weakness: they’re extremely budget-friendly! Sex toys can get very expensive, after all, and I’m very passionate about sex toys being available to everyone regardless of income. They also ship internationally, which is an important feature for some of my readers! Nothing is unproblematic in this world, nuance is a thing, etc etc so long story short, I agreed to review a toy.

I was slightly tempted by a couple of weird looking ones, like this spiky toy, or the one that’s supposed to look like a finger and would be fantastic for terrifying those I live with, but ultimately I decided to look for one I’d actually buy if I were looking for a budget-friendly sex toy.

[Description: A white hand holding the red vibrator in front of a sign warning you to be gator safe, and not “approach, feed or harass Alligators.”]

I went with the Sohimi Hera. I liked the bright red color, and the fact that it seemed very versatile: it could (like many vibes) be used vaginally or externally, and it’s even anal-safe. Plus, it’s covered in squishy silicone, which I often enjoy, and it’s rechargeable. And it’s only $29.99!

It took a while to receive it, but I did get it in perfectly normal, discreet packaging. I did notice that, according to the box and manual, the manufacturer is Treediride and, more importantly, they call it the Hela rather than the Hera. In the end, this doesn’t make a huge difference—one’s a Greek goddess and one’s a Norse one and either one can kick your ass—but it’s worth mentioning if you’re looking it up somewhere. I’m continuing to call it the Hera for SEO reasons, as well as laziness reasons.

[Description: The red Hera, covered in water droplets, against some tree bark.]

The manual was…interesting. There are some language barrier issues, which is completely fine. It does make special note that it’s not to be used by minors but should only be used by “adult women and couples.” I am neither a woman nor a couple, but it still works, I promise. But my favorite part of the manual is that they refer to the Hera as being made of “boneless silicone,” which made me giggle for days. (Izzy of Dildoodler suggested that it’s meant to be coated in buffalo sauce and served with ranch, but I don’t have any buffalo sauce so I didn’t try it.)

The thing is, the description is amusing but…it is kinda boneless! The usable end of the toy, where the motor is housed, is firm underneath the thick silicone layer, but the entire handle is quite squishable and bendable. It’s actually really nice to hold and play with. Despite the squishiness, I do still think it’s anal-safe; the widest part of the handle is still wider than the insertable part, and the silicone is dense enough there not to collapse in on itself.

Turning it on, due to the thick silicone and indistinct button, can take a little bit of finagling, but once it’s on…

Y’all! I actually really liked this!

[Description: A red vibrator laying on a very large leaf.]

Like, okay. The site claims it has three steady speed settings when it really only has two, which is annoying and either dishonest or indicates a lack of quality control. But on the plus side, those two settings are…actually really nice.

The bulb of the Hera vibrator is small enough for me to enjoy some pinpoint sensation on the sides of my clit, but still big enough that I think people who like something broader wouldn’t mind it. The silicone makes it really comfortable. And the vibrations are actually quite rumbly for such an inexpensive toy!

I didn’t try this toy anally since I am a well-documented butt wimp, but I did try it vaginally. Normally, I don’t really like internal vibration. I tend to just find it annoying. Not this time!

The shape is reminiscent of a Kegel ball, and hits my G-spot with astonishing precision. Because the steady speeds are pretty strong, they aren’t buried in the silicone, so they actually do reach my vaginal walls. They also travel up to the handle a bit to tease my clit if I hold it just right. The combination isn’t enough to get me off, but it is enough to make me extremely turned on. Using another vibrator on my clit?

BOOM. Powerful blended orgasm within moments!

(And then I do it again. And again. I actually lost track of time and worried my spouse a little. Whoops.)

[Description: Hera vibrator on a nest of leaves.]

Because the Hera is waterproof and silicone, it’s super easy to clean. I just wash it with normal hand soap & water, and if I want to sanitize it (say, if it had made a trip to Butthole City) I can just use a diluted bleach solution.

So, I liked this one more than I expected! I’d recommend it to anyone who’s curious about it, but I’d also highlight this as a beginner-friendly toy, because it’s inexpensive and very versatile, which is important if you don’t quite know what you like in a vibrator. It would also be a pretty good travel toy; the button is extremely hard to press by accident, and the Hera is quite small, which would make it easy to pack with the cord. If you can navigate the painfully gendered site and manual without getting dysphoric, the red color is also nice and gender-neutral, as is its versatility.

[Description: The Hera on top of a little waterfall.]

The Bottom Line

Well, it was my first “boneless” vibrator, but I liked it! It’s nice clitorally, and one of the few G-spot vibrators I actually enjoy as a G-spot vibrator. If you’re looking for a fairly inexpensive, versatile vibrator that doesn’t suck, this just might be the one for you.

Buy from Sohimi for $29.99

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This was a paid but completely honest review.


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