Review: CalExotics Opulence

[Description: A light purple CalExotics wand covered in water droplets, on a tray with bath supplies.]

Look, let’s reiterate something: wands are not, and probably never will be, my favorite style of vibrator. Oh, don’t get me wrong, they’re extremely effective! My Doxy 3 was one of my most used vibrators in 2020. It’s powerful, rumbly, and the head is smaller than that of most traditional wands, including other Doxy toys, which makes it excellent for me. But I tend to use it when I’m not really in the mood to masturbate. If I want to get the whole pesky “orgasm” thing over and done with, that’s when I reach for a wand vibrator. If I want to sit and masturbate for a bit and really enjoy the experience, lose myself in a fantasy, and treat it as a self-care ritual, I’m more likely to go for a bullet vibe or a G-spot vibe used clitorally.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate wand vibes! Aside from the grand feminist history of the classic Magic Wand, they’re just a very useful tool in anyone’s arsenal. Because they tend to be more powerful than other vibes, they’re great for someone who really struggles to orgasm; because of their long handle, they’re often useful for people with mobility or reach issues; because of their shape, they can be used by people with many genital arrangements. As a bonus, they’re also fantastic for relieving muscle pain, and of course they’re a classic kink toy for forced orgasm scenarios and so on.

So, when Betty’s Toy Box offered to let me review the CalExotics Opulence wand, I went for it. Not only was it pretty, in a soft lavender with purple chrome details, but it was similar enough to my Doxy 3 that I felt pretty confident in comparing. At $119.99 it’s not exactly a budget toy, but it’s still cheaper than the wall-plug Doxy 3; it’s also rechargeable and cordless and, most excitingly, it’s completely waterproof! It can be used in the bath, and cleaning is very easy, since the whole thing can be submerged without worry.

I got it, and realized the comparison to the Doxy 3 is even more intense than I realized. The shape and length of the toy are very similar, the buttons are placed in a similar spot on the handle, and even the shape of the head is a similar diameter, but the Opulence wand’s head is much longer. This is important, as we shall discuss later.

[Description: The CalExotics Opulence wand compared to a Doxy 3.]

So, I’ve discussed before, many times, that I can’t stand single-button toys; they’re definitely easier and more convenient for some people, but I hate the need to cycle back through speeds and patterns to get to what I want. A lot of the toys I’ve reviewed lately have two buttons, an up and a down; some have three buttons, an up, down, and pattern or an up, down, and on/off. The Opulence has four buttons. I’m getting spoiled here, people. FOUR WHOLE BUTTONS! The top (closest to the head) is the power button, then the plus, the minus, and finally F for Function. Do you know what this means? This means that I will never, ever have to deal with patterns if I don’t want to! I can’t accidentally turn on the patterns when I’m trying to increase the speed, or to turn it off for just a second. The toy’s also harder to turn on accidentally. To use the toy, you first hold down the power button until the toy lights up, and then, in an entirely separate action, you hit the + button to start at the lowest of five set speeds.

Actually, the button situation is even better than I thought. I mentioned my annoyance in some previous reviews with CalExotics’ memory chip feature: if you turn off the toy, it remembers what function/strength/whatever you left it on. This is useful in some ways , but it can be annoying if you, say, got lost in the patterns and want to start all over again. They finally, finally figured out how to have the best of both worlds! If you’re mid-use at, say, speed #3, and you have to pause, you can tap the power button, and it will stop what it’s doing; if you’d like to continue with speed #3, you can tap it again, but if you want to turn the whole thing off, you can just hold down the power button. That’ll clear the memory for next time you want to use it. I kinda love it!

The placement is pretty good, too—they’re far enough down that you can easily hold the end of it and not risk accidentally tapping buttons, but they’re also not so far down that you’ll buzz your entire hand off. Actually, while a tiny bit of vibration carries into the handle, it’s not bad at all. My wrists are pretty sensitive, and this vibrator doesn’t bother them in the slightest.

But you know what? Let’s stop talking about buttons, and handles. Those are all nice details, but in the end, they’re just details. What we want to know is: how does the Opulence work?

Uh…dang, I liked it, y’all.

[Description: A close-up of the Opulence’s buttons.]

Let me preface by saying that it is a bit buzzier than the Doxy 3, especially at the very top of the head. In fact, when I first tried it, I…wasn’t impressed. It was okay, just using the top of the wand against the top of my clit, but it wasn’t my favorite. I tend to like small or pinpoint toys because I prefer to use them against the sides of my clit—that’s why the Tango X’s powers were slightly reduced—and if I’m going to go for the top of my clit, I need something extremely deep and rumbly. I can orgasm with a buzzy toy on the head of my clit, but it’s never going to be as satisfying as a toy against the side, or one that can penetrate down into the buried part of the clitoral complex, or—ideally—both.

And then I had a eureka moment. You see, I was using the Opulence in a different capacity: my spouse’s shoulders hurt, so I was vibrating the muscles, as one does. I got tired of holding it the way I was doing, with the top of the head against their skin, so I moved it onto its side so that the length of the head was against their back.

“Oh my God,” they said, “what did you do? That feels way better.”

I touched it. By God, they were right: the side was, somehow, much rumblier, and much nicer. I had never thought to test that before, because with the Doxy 3, the head is quite shallow, and using the side seems like a good way to get some shiny aluminum edges where you don’t want them, but the Opulence’s head was much longer, so there was much more silicone to contact the skin.

“I’m going to have to try that out next time I masturbate,” I said, in wide-eyed wonder, my world suddenly filled with possibilities.

[Description: Opulence wand on a tray with bath supplies.]

And so, when I was able to masturbate again, I did just that. I didn’t even try using the top of the wand head. I turned the wand just slightly, finding it still very easy to hold, and pressed the side against my clit. And that’s when I realized:

1. The side really was a lot rumblier; I could feel it much deeper down in my body.

2. It was also much easier to place exactly where I wanted this way.

Because I didn’t have to struggle to keep the top of the head in contact with my clit, I could actually move it around more. The extra inch or so of real estate on the wand head meant a lot more possibilities for contact with my body. And soon enough, I was doing what I really wanted all along: pressing the side of the vibrator against the side of my clit, and feeling the rumbles all the way down into my soul.

So, yeah, pretty good wand vibe, I’d say.

The Opulence is pretty small for a wand, but it’s still a pretty bulky toy, so it’s awkward for me to use a dildo with it unless it’s a vaginal plug, or a butt plug designed to stay in place, or a butt plug used vaginally which is a favorite sex toy hack of mine. Still, I think it would pretty nice for partnered sex with some creative positioning.

I’m not sure if this is a toy I’ll reach for a lot or not yet, personally; when I’m into taking my time, I still tend to go for other vibes, and if I’m not into taking my time, it’ll probably be a toss-up between this and my Doxy 3. But if I want a powerful, effortless orgasm in the tub, or if I don’t want to deal with a cord? Absolutely this guy. It’s cute and effective, and while it’s not quite a Doxy-level powerhouse, it’s a good contender! And it’s literally $100 cheaper than the Doxy 3 Rechargeable, which is not waterproof.

And, through May 30 2021, I’ll be hosting a giveaway for a free CalExotics Opulence wand! If this review sounds like you just might like this toy, head on over to my giveaway page and enter!

[Description: The wand with more bath supplies and a lace & satin nightgown.]

The Bottom Line

A rechargeable, waterproof wand that still packs a punch? Yeah, this is the one. If you want something cordless, if use in the tub or shower is important to you, or if you really want a longer head and greater ease manipulating on different portions of your anatomy, I really think this is a good luxury toy!

Buy from Betty’s Toy Box for $119.99

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  1. Interesting how this toy feels so much rumblier when you use the side rather than the head. It makes me wonder if the head of the toy is thicker than the side or is it something about how the motor is positioned that causes this?


    • I poked around at it for a bit, and the silicone seems about the same density on the top and sides (up until near the base, where it’s glued on, but that’s further down the side than I use). It could be that the internal part of the head is thicker, or it could be the motor, or it could be some other factor I haven’t thought of yet.


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