Review: CalExotics Nipple Grips 4-Point Weighted Nipple Press

[Description: A close-up of floral-looking four-point nipple grips, described further below, along with some Celtic knotwork-inspired jewelry.]

content warning: nipple torture, consensual pain play

Like many other masochists, I love/hate nipple clamps, for the same reason. My nipples are pretty sensitive to pain, and clamps are, of course, designed to cause pain, and so I get to enjoy that curious combination of “Oh fuck this hurts 😬” and “oh fuck this hurts 😍.”

However, I’ve had to be choosy about nipple clamps due to my particular anatomy. I have very puffy areolas and fairly flat nipples. With a lot of pinching, I can get them to stand up a little bit, but not very much, and they don’t always stay that way, even when thoroughly aroused. So far, the only clamps I’ve purchased that can reliably stay put are the alligator-style or clothespin-style ones, which can hold onto pretty much any skin.

Still, when Betty’s Toy Box offered to let me pick out some nipple clamps, I decided to go with the ones that most intrigued me. CalExotics has a line of clamps called Nipple Grips, and the 4-Point Nipple Press with their pretty little weights intrigued me. Not only were they very aesthetically pleasing, but since my other favorite pair of clamps has a chain in between, I’ve discovered that I like a bit of weight on my clamps to vary sensation and to make things truly agonizing.

I received them, and found that they’re even prettier in person. The shape of the clamps is almost floral, and the weights aren’t exactly decorative, but do look nice enough.

[Description: The nipple clamps, with the small round weights attached by chain, along with some jewelry.]

The four-point style of clamp uses four flat screws with round heads, so you can adjust the pressure from literally every angle. This is a great layout if you’re still exploring nipple pain, since you can loosen them even more easily than with other clamps; just loosening one screw can relieve a lot of tension.

We quickly discovered that the chained weights are attached with a split ring (like a tiny keychain) which means that they can be removed if necessary. We could also, if so desired, pretty easily replace them with something else—bells, jewelry…the options are endless!

But we weren’t too worried about modification when we first got them. We just wanted to cause me some pain! So, my beloved spouse, dominant, and tormentor made sure my nipples were as erect as they can get, and carefully screwed on the Nipple Grips from four directions. The fact that it takes a little while adds to the anticipation, and I could feel the pressure grow more and more intense. Once the screws were pressed firmly into my nipple, Damien pulled their hand away.

“They look wonderful,” Damien said.

“They hurt,” I said.

And then…and then

The weight pulled the clamps directly off my nipple.

[Description: The clamps, sans weights, on the Tantus Dragon Tail and the Sportsheets Saffron Gauntlets.]

Now, the screws are flat and cannot easily damage tissue. But they also aren’t designed to be scraped over skin, so…yes. This was uncomfortable. On very sensitive tissue.

After some further experimentation and study (Damien may not be into genitals but they sure do like my nipples, so there was a lot of study), we determined that my particular nipple arrangement just did not make these clamps feasible with the weights on. This was disappointing, but I got over my disappointment when we decided to try them without the weights.

I had to endure a fair amount of pinching to make absolutely sure that my nipples were up to the task at all, and Damien had to endure a fair amount of whining about it. But in the end, it was worth it, because as it happens—without the weights, they have no problem staying put!

And that’s when I discovered that I actually really like this arrangement of nipple clamp hardware.

Not only did they stay put, but they offered an extremely customizable long-term wear option. (For a certain definition of long-term: clamps shouldn’t be in place more than fifteen minutes, and should be monitored that whole time.) And as a bonus: they look really pretty! These are actually probably going to be our new go-to clamps, because they’re just so easy to use, aesthetic, and adjustable for if I need a little less pain today…or more.

[Description: The clamps without weights, surrounded by jewelry.]

Damien did find some manufacturing flaws on the screws. There were some jagged bits of metal on the round screw toppers. They were easy to remove with a thumbnail and weren’t anywhere that would hurt the wearer, but if you get these, I do strongly suggest looking them over thoroughly before using, because if one of those jagged bits had been on the business end of the screws, I probably would not be so enthusiastic about these clamps. Check them over carefully and avoid any unintentional piercings.

As I said, with my nipple situation, I’m just always happy to find clamps that will stay in place. I’ve tried loops and tweezer clamps, none of which will stay on for more than a moment. Alligator clamps are, as mentioned, pretty reliable, but even the ones with adjusters are usually not as customizable as I like—it’s either “Hi, yes, here is PAIN” or “this is not currently on my nips.” So I’m really enjoying the four-point construction.

If you, like me, have nipples that don’t always support stuff and you’d still like some weights, something like these vibrating alligator clamps might work for you, and if you’re just looking for some alligator clamps but would like something a bit more decorative, there are some with cute tassels or some with Tribbles pompoms from Sportsheets. I also find these Nipple Grips Crossbar style clamps pretty intriguing. If you like the idea of the four-point but want something even more decorative, Nipple Grips also has one with a chain and some jingly bells, which is also great if you need to warn birds about a masochist with a high prey drive.

[Description: Clamps with weights & jewelry.]

The Bottom Line

I liked these clamps! I couldn’t use them quite as intended, with the weights attached, but I don’t mind too much. The hardware is the most adjustable clamp options I’ve been able to use with my atypical nipples, and I’m really happy with them!

Buy from Betty’s Toy Box for $32.99

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  1. These look so cool!! Your photoshoot for these was spot on, I am getting extreme Ren Faire vibes from these (in the best way).

    Imagine the concept of a story about a fairy or elf or something who’s sensitive to iron and is tormented with these bad boys…that would be such a good combo of aesthetic and plot


    • Yeah that was a bit distressing when we found it, but it was removed really easily–it was just a bit of leftover from the manufacturing process. Just make sure you check them over thoroughly before use!


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