Review: NS Novelties Stardust Glam Plug

Content warning: Mentions of CGL/DDLG

Shortly after I got my latest Betty’s Toy Box shipment, I showed some pictures on a sex & kink community I’m in on Facebook, especially to show off the new Stardust items. The Stardust line from NS Novelty features toys filled with crystals in several colors.

One individual was weirded out by the pink and sparkly toys I’d posted; they felt that they looked like they were marketed to children. Another person pointed out that the CGL/DDLG community exists, which can have a childlike aesthetic, and that this may be marketed to that demographic.

[Description: A sparkly pink butt plug (Glam, described below) with glitter and CGL-type accessories]

Now, as documented, I am in a caregiver-little dynamic, and yes, this is absolutely my aesthetic. But I don’t think that’s exclusively because of my little tendencies. There really isn’t an age limit on liking, well, anything. Adults can like cartoons, coloring, and yes, pink and sparkly things. And there are several reasons someone might want a sparkly, sparkly toy like this. They may:

  • find it gender-affirming to have something that they perceive as aggressively feminine.
  • find sex toys intimidating in general, and something with an aesthetic like this might make them more comfortable.
  • want a toy to match their favorite nail polish.
  • be a reincarnated magpie.

Regardless of reasons, I know there’s a market for the Stardust toys because a) I wanted them and b) some colors have already sold out at least once on Betty’s Toy Box. We’ve mostly all had a rough time: sparkles are fun. Buy sparkles if you want them.

But, of course, here on Queer Earthling, we know that aesthetics can be deceiving. A toy that looks cute is fun, but if it doesn’t work, it’s just a cute, NSFW paperweight. And so, let us move past the Sparkle Defense and on to the review.

The Glam glass butt plug looks…like a butt plug. It has a tapered bulb, a narrower neck, and a base with a crystal in the middle of it. What sets the Glam apart is that it is full of loose crystals in several color options.

[Description: The crystal at the base of the Glam plug, along with other pink accessories and phallic glitter confetti]

The crystals are fantastic. They catch the light wonderfully through the glass. Since they’re loose, they also make a soft rattly sound if you shake the plug, which isn’t really relevant to use but I suppose would be great if you want to start a Sex Toys ASMR channel on YouTube. I mostly just like playing with it.

I was very excited to use the Glam. I’ve never tried a glass plug before, largely because I’m an anal wimp, and it’s so pretty I wanted to wear it as long as I could. I put it in very shortly after receiving it.

Because I can only take small things, this toy was just about at my upper limit of things that can go in my ass, particularly since the glass has (obviously) no give. But I did manage without too much trouble. It’s big enough that I was very aware of it, although it had the slight problem some plugs have of feeling like it didn’t want to stay inserted. I ignored that, though, because it had a magic trick. The plug felt nice, but the plug in tandem with a dildo…

Y’all. Some combination of the hardness and the shape in my ass meant that it slightly affected the straight, small dildo I was using vaginally. It wasn’t much, but it encouraged a bit of an upward tilt, and so this toy was suddenly on my G-spot like my G-spot owed it money. It was a subtle difference, but it was a hell of a difference.

That was pretty awesome, and after my masturbation session, I felt amazing. I pushed the dildo and vibrator aside, and got up…

And the goddamn plug just fell out.

I laughed really hard and went to clean it, thinking maybe it was a one-time thing.


[Description: close-up of the Glam plug, standing on end.]

Subsequent uses also all featured the plug coming out, sometimes while I was masturbating, just as I’d feared in that first session. I’d be sitting there thrusting and buzzing away, and then pop! Out it spilled onto the towel. It wasn’t uncomfortable or anything, but…seriously? I can’t actually tell you how difficult or easy it is to grasp the base and pull it out because the fucking thing won’t stay in long enough.

The reason is pretty clear. As usual, the neck is not narrow enough compared with the insertable bulb and, because it’s glass, the toy is also pretty heavy. So, out she comes.

Now, the neck does need to be a bit thick because of the nature of the toy. It’s hollow, in order to fit the crystals in, and so the walls around the crystals have to be pretty thick so it doesn’t break. That’s good! I’d much rather have the toy fall out of me than break inside of me, so: good job there, safety first, etc. I do think they could probably have made it work if, say, they hadn’t filled the neck with crystals as well; if it were just clear glass in that part, then it could be thinner. But you know what, I get it, that’s not the ~aesthetic~ we want.

So, do I recommend the Glam? Cautiously, yes. It’s pretty inexpensive ($34.99 at the time of this post) and it really is cute as heck. If you find yourself drawn to this toy and you’ve got a little extra cash, sure, why not? It does feel good while it’s in, and it’s not too big even for me. But if you want a toy for long-term wear, you definitely want to look elsewhere, including my own butt plug tag. If you’re just looking for sparkly and don’t necessarily want those sparkles in your butt, then it might be a good time to look at the rest of the Stardust line, and check back here for my upcoming review of the Posh vibrator from this same line.

[Description: The Glam plug and the Posh vibrator, along with plushies and other “little” type accessories]

The Bottom Line

Yeah, okay, it does not want to stay in my asshole. But it feels fantastic while I’m using it, it’s cute as hell, and it didn’t make me bleed. It’s not a perfect toy, but I do like it very much!

Buy from Betty’s Toy Box for $34.99 in pink, white, blue, or black

[Betty’s Toy Box banner]

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  1. Oh no, I know what it’s like to have that improper neck-head ratio. When I had bronchitis and was reviewing the Lil Flirt Tantus butt plug I literally COUGHED OUT THAT BUTT PLUG. Not great. I wore it a few more times for the review but Jesus that butt plug-head ratio sucked. I LOVE this butt plug so much though. It’s so gorgeous!


    • oh gosh! It’s so startling for it to just suddenly, uh, vacate, isn’t it? 🤣

      But yes this toy is sooo pretty. And it’s nice to have an inexpensive ~aesthetic~ toy that isn’t just…awful lmao


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