Review: Blush The Realm Silver Bullet

Note: This toy is no longer available from Betty’s Toy Box, but it is available on SheVibe! That said, the BTB links will now bring you to a general bullet vibrator search.

I was delighted when this toy arrived in the mail. The Realm is Blush’s “fantasy” line, most famous for its interchangeable sword-shaped dildo system, and the Silver Bullet is meant to fit into that aesthetic; I even kept the packaging when I received it from Betty’s Toy Box.

“This goes with our vampire hunting kit!” I said to Damien as I opened the heavy, wood-printed box with the silky purple lining. “This is gorgeous!”

[Description: A wood-printed slide-open box labeled “The Realm Silver Bullet Rechargeable Vibe” beside a hinged box, in which the silver bullet lays on purple lining.]

I then took out the bullet, and realized something. It was almost identical to the Exposed Nocturnal lipstick vibe. Same exact shape and size. Same charge cord. And, as you may recall, I hated the Exposed Nocturnal.

“Oh, no,” I said, but I dutifully plugged it in.

Damien usually ends up using the toys first, so when it was ready, they went for it. “Good luck,” I told them, grimly. I was fully expecting this to be just as much of a bust, and I cursed myself for not recognizing the similarities when I put in my review request.

When Damien returned from their masturbation session, they said, “I just had the best orgasm I ever had.” They were practically giggling. They were definitely grinning.

I was astonished, but still skeptical, as I went into our bedroom to try it out.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

It was rumbly, without question. It was precise, but the vibrations still spread to the whole of my clit. I gave myself so many orgasms, and they were all good orgasms. I didn’t experience any of the numbness or soreness that I had experienced from the Exposed Nocturnal.

This was confusing, and I started to doubt myself. Had I maligned the Exposed Nocturnal? I charged it for the first time in about a year, just to see.

Nope. Exposed Nocturnal still sucked; it was still rattly and uncomfortable, while the Silver Bullet was a smooth, rumbly vibration. I held one in each hand, and marveled at the difference.

Look, I don’t know what the difference is. Maybe they improved the motor. Maybe the plastic they used for the casing is different. Maybe the fancy box imparts magic powers. I don’t fucking know, but what I know is this:

I love this vibrator.

[Description: The Silver Bullet snuggled up against the Exposed Nocturnal on top of a leather case.]

So, some specs: The Realm Silver Bullet is four inches long, with a little lipstick slant at the top. It is, as you might expect, made of shiny silver plastic, which somehow magically resists finger prints. The bottom has up and down buttons (which is my favorite). It has a light that glows on the bottom when it’s on, and when it’s charging, except it doesn’t always light up for me, which is fine because it still works.

And boy howdy does it work.

Honestly, y’all. This vibrator is everything I’ve ever wanted in a bullet vibe. I don’t even mind that it’s a hard plastic, because while I usually prefer a bit of a soft silicone layer, the vibrations are so comfortable that it doesn’t matter. Because of that slanted tip, I can press it right up against the most sensitive parts of my clit and basically explode my entire brain, and I can use it easily with or without a dildo. (Since a dildo deforms labial tissue, some vibes for me are no longer usable if I want to play with insertable toys as well.) It’s waterproof and small, which makes it an ideal shower vibe for me. Since it has up and down buttons instead of a single button, I can navigate easily through the steady speeds, or venture into the patterns, without having to go through everything to get back to the start. And it’s rechargeable, which means I don’t need to buy or fiddle with batteries, which is better for my wallet, the environment, and my ever-dwindling patience. This toy is exactly what I wanted the Exposed Nocturnal to be, and exceeded those expectations.

And the orgasms. Y’all. The orgasms are intense and amazing. The first week I used it, I wound up coming so hard at some point that I strained a muscle in my thigh and it ached all weekend. Couldn’t walk, 10/10, would recommend.

[Description: The Silver Bullet and its box with some holy water and an actual (fake) silver bullet.]

Considering how apprehensive I was about this, it’s kind of a shock to find that this toy has rocketed up to my top three faves, right there with the Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine and the Doxy 3.

Now, one of the reasons that Blush released this as part of The Realm line was so that it could fit into their Realm dildos, which have a hole in the base for the lock-on hilt system. It’s an easy way to turn a dildo into a vibrating dildo. Unfortunately, I don’t own any of The Realm’s dildos (yet!) so I couldn’t try that, but I do have a bullet sleeve designed for the much pricier original We-Vibe Tango, which I mentioned in the review of a different bullet.

I am happy to report that, with a little bit of lube, the Silver Bullet can fit in a Tango sleeve, and I’m willing to bet it will be compatible with just about any other bullet sleeve or hollow-based dildo you might care to buy. This is a game changer! You could replace the cheaper bullet that comes with various kits and magically improve the whole set. Vibrating cock rings? Try it with the Silver Bullet. Strap-on harness with a bullet pocket? Boom, gotcha covered.

Now, my enthusiasm aside, the Silver Bullet is not entirely perfect. It has a tendency to heat up if it’s been in use for a while, and while it hasn’t been a problem yet, it does make me nervous, since with cheaper toys that often means it’s about to die. When the charging light inexplicably died, I was fully prepared to give it a tearful funeral, complete with a Gregorian choir to perform a medieval requiem. Because, you see, I adore this vibrator, and its loss would be a genuine personal tragedy.

But! At the time of this writing, the Silver Bullet lives on, and actually the light started working again somehow, so I could put the choir on hold. (And anxiety aside, Damien especially really likes the way it heats up, so even that can be seen as a bonus rather than a concern.) And it’s become one of the most-used items in this house, possibly including the refrigerator.

[Description: The Silver Bullet (front) along with several other bullets. (clockwise from top left: the Exposed Nocturnal, the VeDO Bam, the Rocks-Off RO-80, the Silver Bullet, and the Stardust Posh)]

The Bottom Line

Y’all, this is the best bullet vibe I own. It’s on the high end of budget-friendly for me, but it’s absolutely worth it. The vibrations couldn’t be improved on, it’s pretty, and it’s compatible with a lot of uses. What’s not to love?

Buy from Betty’s Toy Box for $45.99

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  1. It is really surprising that two very similar toys from the same company could feel so different. I wonder if Blush is going to upgrade the motor in the Exposed Nocturnal at some point in the future.


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