Year In Review 2020

[Description: A red-haired ball-jointed doll holding a miniature Uberrime dildo.]

So…2020 sure was a thing, wasn’t it? I’m not going to bore you with how this year went. It went, and here we are.

Still, blogging happened! I stopped trying to post every Saturday and started just posting when the spirit moves me, more or less, which led to a less consistent schedule but also less stress overall. I could tell the schedule wasn’t working for me with a few of my posts earlier this year, which definitely feel churned out and not up to my usual standard. But still, I did write a few things that make me happy, and I hope they’ve helped keep you entertained, amused, and perhaps even informed in what has been a universally difficult year. I also launched my Patreon (and got a whole patron! Which is more than zero!).

My most popular post in 2020 was apparently a post from last year. My Nonsexual Submission is all about my sex-free kink dynamic. I guess that’s been of interest to people of late? The most popular post that was written in 2020 was my review of the Uberrime Sensi, and with good reason.

My Favorite Reviews for 2020

The Uberrime Sensi. There’s a reason it’s a popular post this year: it’s a damn good product, and it’s beautiful. I have a few other Uberrime toys that I really ought to review properly, but honestly, I do love the Sensi. It’s so unlike any other insertable sex toy on the market.

Tantus Dragon Tail. This was an amazingly mean impact toy, and writing about it felt a lot like writing erotica. I really ought to get some welts from this thing again…also, the pictures were a lot of fun, going with a vague fantasy-theme with furs, skulls, knives, and—of course—dragons.

Rocks-Off Zeppelina. This is another one where the photos were super fun; the toy is steampunk, so rounding up all the steampunk and Victorian nonsense we have around, and processing the hell out of the pictures, was great. As a bonus, this was an aesthetic toy that actually worked. And it inspired some erotica! Everyone’s a winner.

My Favorite Non-Review Posts for 2020:

Rating Doug Jones Monsters (by Fuckability). This was a silly post from right around the start of the pandemic lock-down, and it felt really good to write something shallow and goofy. And it was fun to pay tribute to a fantastic actor and some cool-ass character designs. My only (slight) regret is that someone tagged Doug Jones in it, and so he may have seen my depravity. If you’re reading this, Mr. Jones: Sorry.

Why I Stopped Reading Your Erotica. I was gratified to find that so many people found their own emotions reflected in my ranting. This was another not-that-serious post in which I got to be a writing snob, but like, hopefully in a constructive way? (Bonus: I got to immortalize some awesome cookies we made. Homemade shortbread sandwich cookies with homemade mixed berry jam and buttercream. It was our first time making jam! I need to make those again.)

Moments From Earth: Fuck TERFs. You ever listen to a song so many times that it practically becomes a religion? I listened to “Song of Women” by The HU feat. Lzzy Hale on repeat, and found myself reflecting on femininity and spirituality so hard that this whole thing just sort of…fell out of my head, a deep reflection on my own relationship with gender, community, faith, and the trouble with gatekeeping. It was also unexpectedly prescient considering the Kinkly debacle happened like a week after I posted it.

My Favorite Erotica Post for 2020:

Moments from Earth: The Plague Doctor. I actually wrote quite a few pieces of erotic fiction this year, but my favorite erotic piece came out of reality: a nonsexual kink scene between me and my spouse, based in eroticizing fears and some unexpected roleplay. Also, includes hot pictures of my spouse dressed as a plague doctor.

My Favorite New (to me) Product of 2020:

Fetish Fantasy Rubber Paddle. I’m a little mad that it’s Pipedream, but we’ll put that aside for now, because I do love this toy. Not only do I love a good spanking, but I have a huge kink for scratching sensations, which this toy provides, generously.

Bonus: Doxy #3. I never got around to writing a review for this toy, but it got a lot of use this year, and features heavily in my post, How To Masturbate (When You Don’t Wanna) because it’s a beautifully efficient toy.

My Least Favorite New (to me) Product from 2020:

The Rianne S Heart. This one was tough to choose because the whole year, I kept finding toys that were aesthetically pleasing but did not work for me, but I picked the Rianne S because I can’t help but feel that it somehow started the trend. It’s absolutely adorable, but the vibration is crap, the shape is impractical, and the marketing is so aggressively gendered that it takes my breath away. Also, not gonna lie: I got a lot of mileage out of hating this toy this year, linking it whenever anything else annoyed me.

[Description: A red-haired ball-jointed doll, holding a variety of actual sex toys, namely the Tantus Perfect Plug, a heart-shaped Rear Assets plug, the Blush Neo Elite, and the Split Peaches Unicorn Horn.]

What’s in store for next year?

I don’t want to say “your guess is as good as mine” but…your guess is as good as mine. I do have a few topics I’d like to cover—some assorted CGL content, as well as some general queer content and some relationship content. I’ve also got more items coming in the mail to review, and a ton of items that I’ve intended to review but just…haven’t…yet. There may also be a little “gift” coming in another week or so, before the year is out.

But beyond that? We’ll see what happens and what topics embed themselves in my weird little brain! I hope you have a safe winter, and that 2021 is better for us all.

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  1. I think a sex-free kink dynamic, and sex-free dynamics in general, have been of interest in 2020 because of the pandemic. There’s certainly a decreased risk of disease transmission if sex is avoided (even if social distancing isn’t maintained, at the least there’s probably less bodily fluid exchanged); but, beyond that, a sex-free kink dynamic can actually be practiced at any range (although physical punishments are obviously severely curtailed). However, a lot of people do assume kink necessarily involves sex, and I think your article on how a kink dynamic can work without sex would be highly informative for those people and open up some options they may not have known they had.


    • Several very good points. I also suspect a lot of people have been experiencing a lower sex drive due to stress this year, but may still want to explore other intimate avenues? Regardless, I really hope it’s been helpful for people–when I started out my blog just in 2019, it was hard to find info about nonsexual kink on the Intarwebs. 🙂


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