Nontraditional Uses for Position Guides

[Description: A digital rendering of two artist’s manakins in a position labeled “seated wheelbarrow,” which includes one sitting in a chair, and the other with their pelvis against theirs and leaning forward with hands on the floor.]

Position guides are great for obvious reasons: if you’re looking to try some new sex positions out with a partner, the images and descriptions can provide a lot of inspiration. With sites like this post’s sponsor Kamality, they’re even accessible to more people, due to the simplified, genderless bodies and gender-neutral wording (no cowgirls here! It’s Equestrian, which I love) rather than the strict cis hetero nature of a lot of classic position guides.

But some of us don’t find themselves in need of a classic guide to entangling two bodies. My relationship is not traditionally sexual; so, at first glance, a guide like Kamality seems functionally useless to me. But just as I’ve adapted traditional sexuality to suit my own purposes, so, too, can I adapt position guides for some off-label uses.


Perhaps this is the most obvious…and, in truth, this is the basis for all other uses, traditional or otherwise. If you’re planning the positions for your next partnered sex session, chances are, you’re starting it out with a fantasy of just how hot they’d look in that particular pose.

But for me, fantasy is a good deal of my sex life—my life, for that matter. I fantasize when I masturbate, I fantasize when my spouse and I roleplay in writing, I fantasize when I’m doing the dishes. My mind’s always running a movie anyway; sometimes, it’s an especially sexy movie. The images and descriptive text can fuel a lot of new, exciting ideas. (If you have a newer smartphone, you can even use AR to project the figures onto your bed, or your floor, or your desk, or…)

[Description: Artist’s manakins in a sexual position labeled “Soaring Eagle,” which has one person on their back with legs up and hand between their legs, and the other in a kneeling position]

Visual Art

I’m not much of an artist, aside from pixel dolls and the odd goofy doodle, but I love and respect artists in general, and my spouse in particular. As the figures on Kamality are based on artist’s manikins, it’s a pretty natural progression to “hey, I could use this as a basis for my pornographic art!” My spouse rarely does erotic art, but they’ve mentioned in the past that one of the hardest things about it is making sure the figures are interacting in a believable way; a visual can help. Since the figures on the site are fully three-dimensional, you can spin them to whatever angle you need for your art reference.


I read a fair amount of erotica, and I’ve been known to write a bit as well. I have two big problems when I’m writing erotica: 1. constantly falling into the same acts every time and 2. losing track of whose hand is where and who’s doing what. Having a simple visual can help me to find something new to do—even create a challenge, if I decide to pick a brand new position—and because Kamality has a little playlist feature, I can even select a few favorites to choose from, or a string of positions for my characters to work through, transitioning from one to another. (Granted, Kamality can’t help much when one of my characters is a tentacle monster or a giant, but you can’t have everything.)

I’ve come up with a small handful of ideas, but really, a guide like this is only the beginning. What’s your favorite use for a position guide?

This post was sponsored by Kamality! If you’re interested in sponsoring a post, check out my Work With Me page.

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