Review: Lush by Blush Juna

[Description: The Juna vibrator (described below) with all four of its attachments.]

Purple silicone? Metallic accents? A somewhat traditionally feminine design with a lot of thought put into aesthetics? Hang on, wasn’t that the Rianne S, my least favorite vibrator ever?

No! Well, not this time.

Juna is one of the many offerings from Blush Novelties’ new luxury line Lush. Functionally, it’s clearly designed to be a very pinpoint sensation, with a tiny, Q-tip-shaped head on a sort of lemon-shaped base. From a design standpoint? It’s heckin’ cute, y’all. The base is designed to look like a partially-opened purple rose, with the little vibrating end presented as the stem. The button on the base is embossed with a little rose, surrounded with a pretty rose-gold detail. A lot of thought was put into this toy visually, and I really like having it out where I can see it. It’s pretty.

But we have been burned so many times by pretty toys here at Queer Earthling. So, let’s talk function.

Damien tried it first, and hated it. “It feels like bees,” they proclaimed, and that was the end of their contribution to this review. I was preparing for the worst, but…

Turns out, I actually quite like it. But just because I like something doesn’t mean I’m not going to complain about it. So let’s do that first.

[Description: The side of the Juna, with several fabric roses.]

One of the most noticeable features on the sale page for the Juna are the little attachments. It comes with four: two brushy things, one set of bunny-ears, and a li’l scoop. (I assume those are the official names.) They slip over the rounded end of the vibrating probe like a fancy hat, to provide different sensations. Specifically, according to the official ad copy, it says, “explore more teasing oscillations with the four uniquely shaped and textured heads.”

Here’s how defines the verb oscillate as used here: “to swing or move to and fro, as a pendulum does.” When I hear “oscillate,” I imagine something turning back and forth, like an electric fan, or like someone gesturing “no.” The Eroscillator is famously known for this particular action, and I wondered when I ordered it whether Juna might be attempting a similar feature for significantly less cost.

However, when I tried the Juna with an attachment, it did not oscillate, as per the first definition. It spun. Clockwise, if you’re wondering. 360. Like a spinning top. Like a ballerina in a music box. Like a record, baby, right round round round.

You get the picture.

The thing is, it didn’t even spin consistently. Sometimes it got stuck, and stayed in place, and there it just vibrated beautifully. And this? This was the ideal. While I didn’t really like either of the brushes, nor the bunny-ear attachment, I liked the scoop a lot, as long as it stayed still. When it was just vibrating in place, it encompassed my whole external clitoris, giving me a sensation very much like the Satisfyer’s, and it was sublime. I came a lot.

But…sometimes it would start spinning, you see, if I didn’t hold it just right. And when that happened…it didn’t cover my clit. It just circled around, then came back to smack my clit with the side of the scoop, then circled around again. It was like my clit was a tiny face getting slapped repeatedly with a Barbie’s hand.

I know I’m a masochist but…no. Nope. Nah. Don’t like that.

I’m going to be honest with you: the promise of “oscillation” felt like an attempt to take an annoying feature and pretend it’s a positive one. Because of the inconsistency and the fact that it doesn’t match up with the shape of the attachments, it almost feels like they aren’t supposed to spin, but they couldn’t get them to stop doing it, so they decided to claim it was a feature. It may also be a response to the similarly shaped Zumio, which also claims an oscillating motion but in actuality produces little circles, like someone drawing an “o” in the air with their finger…but Juna isn’t even doing that. It is spinning. In place. That’s not the same thing. So, yeah, this feels weirdly like a design flaw that they tried to spin (heh) into a positive.

BUT HEY, that’s just a theory. A sex toy theory!

[Description: The Juna without attachments, sitting amidst several shower/bath items like fancy soap, macaron-shaped bath bombs, and bath salts.]

Anyway, here’s the thing. While the attachments’ failure to actually oscillate is mildly annoying sometimes, I did tell you that I liked this toy. And you know what? I absolutely do. Because without the attachments, this little vibrator is an amazing pinpoint dream.

Some people like broad stimulation, like wands. Some people, need something very, very precise and direct. Usually, I need something fairly narrow at the end, but not this pinpoint, and I expected to have some trouble with this as I have with a previous Blush product…but actually, it was great! Some combination of the silicone, the Q-tip shape, the planets aligning, whatever meant that this never feels painfully pinpoint on my clit. It touches down on one precise little spot on my clit (maybe the left side? The right side? Maybe the hood? Maybe the very tip?) and…not bully its way to an orgasm, but certainly encourage one, forcefully. Then, being a greedy multiple-orgasmic beast as I am, I can move it to a slightly different part of my clit and start over again.

The toy only has two steady speeds and the requisite too many patterns, but that’s fine, because the precision means that all I need is that lowest speed. Seriously.

My absolute favorite way to use this toy is in the shower. I have fairly chubby outer labia, which means that if I want to get to my clit, I often need to spread my legs a bit, which is much harder if I’m standing. Buuuut not the Juna! The Juna’s narrow tip means that I can just slip it into my junk while I’m standing upright, between my outer mound and the flesh of my clit, and boom, there we go. Since I’ve been doing a lot more shower masturbation this year, I’m delighted to have something that’s practically designed for it.

This also means that, if I’m having hip pain or something, I can also play and keep my legs closer together, if necessary. This would also probably be rad for certain bondage poses.

The tiny shape and unobtrusive, natural-feeling base also means this would be pretty awesome for partnered sex. It isn’t bulky in the slightest, and if a receiving partner needs extremely direct clitoral stimulation to get off, this will deliver.

Obviously, this toy is not for everybody. I didn’t find it too buzzy, but Damien did; they also tend to not like such direct stimulation, which is probably a factor. It’s also a bit pricier than many of the toys I review here; if you want the general idea of a super skinny vibrator, Blush produces a toy that almost looks like an elongated version of this called the Noje Quiver. I haven’t tried it, and I can’t speak to its quality; it looks like it would take up a bit more space in your hand or between partners, but it still might suit your needs.

I really like this toy, and recommend it. Because of the shape and color, it could even make a really cute gift. Aesthetically, like I said, it hits a lot of the notes the Rianne S hit, but this one actually doesn’t suck.

[Description: The single button of the Juna with its rose-shaped mark and gold detail, with a fabric rose.]

The Bottom Line

The attachments…are what they are, whatever. But underneath those, this is a really nice little toy! If you cannot get enough pinpoint stimulation, if you’d like something small and unobtrusive, or if you really like purple roses, then yeah, this is a great toy for you!

Buy from Betty’s Toy Box for $74.99

[Betty’s Toy Box banner]


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