Review: Lush by Blush Gia

[Description: A black and gold wand vibrator along with perfumes and a jewelry box]

What’s better than one vibrator? Why, two vibrators, of course!

At least, that’s the premise of Gia, an offering from Blush Novelties’ luxury line Lush. Made of velvety black silicone, with a single gold detail, the Gia is two vibrators in one. One end is a wand vibrator, its head a little smaller than the nice slim Doxy 3. But then, after a little gold detail to make sure you know where the wand ends, there’s a curved handle (so, presumably a vibrator from Hammerfell) which then magically transforms into a slightly bulbous, slightly tapered G-spot vibrator. That’s right! It’s two toys in one—three, if you consider the fact that a G-spot vibe can also be used externally! (This toy is not suited for anal play, as I wouldn’t call the wand head a properly flared base, but external vibration can be enjoyed by people with all genital arrangements.)

I’ve tried toys that try to be many toys. The Naughty Bits Ombré Hombre utterly failed at every single one of its attempts. Princette Puppypus actually wounded me. And the supposedly transformable Squeeze It failed to do anything. Now, generally I like Blush toys; they’re cute, creative, consistently functional, sometimes very good indeed, and almost always affordable. But I still had my reservations. Often, a new luxury line is just…the same old toys repackaged with shinier elements and no change in function. And I wasn’t quite sure why this toy needed to be two toys. You can’t exactly use both ends at once. But that’s fine. It’s unique, it’s pretty, and at $79.99, it’s on the affordable end of luxury.

The toy is rechargable (as one would expect at eighty dollars), with a magnetic charger. It features two buttons, but they are not the kind of two-button controls I like, where there’s an up and down feature. No, there is one single-touch button for the wand end, and one for the g-spot end. What do I hate more than single-touch buttons? Two single-touch buttons. But that’s fine, we’ll get to that in a moment. According to the instructions, the buttons are supposed to light up while charging, but as occasionally happens, mine do not. I just have to plug it in and…hope it’s charging. So far it always has! It’s just a minor cosmetic issue that has no bearing on the functionality, but it is a little bit annoying. (You may recall that I had a similar problem with the Zeppelina, but as you may recall, it did not interfere with my enjoyment.)

Once charged, I tried out the wand end, and it’s a pretty decent wand! With three steady speeds and several patterns, it’s a reasonably strong, slightly buzzy (but not horrible) vibrator that definitely gets the job done. I orgasmed, and they weren’t shitty, anger-inducing orgasms. Joy and rapture! The charge also lasts quite a while, which I really appreciated.

[Description: The Gia on top of a jewelry box with some macaron-shaped bath bombs]

Now, my favorite toy is a G-spot toy, but I don’t use it on my G-spot. I use it externally. I prefer the shape because it’s narrow enough to be fairly pinpoint on my finicky clit, but broad enough that it doesn’t overstimulate and hurt me. (I did say finicky.) Naturally, I decided to do the same with the G-spot end of this toy. It was quite a bit more pinpoint than the wand end; the vibrations were a little bit buried under the silicone, but still were able to reach my clit, and I enjoyed a nice, easy, slow-building orgasm.

But look. They aren’t calling it a “second, smaller clitoral vibrator.” They’re calling it a G-spot vibrator.

So, insertion time! Generally speaking, internal vibration isn’t my jam. I try it dutifully, and yes, sometimes it surprises me by being awesome, but mostly I just find it mildly irritating. I prefer thrusting for my G-spot stimulation.

So imagine my surprise when the Gia‘s G-spot vibration was, in fact, pretty spectacular.

Some combination of the shape, the position of the motor within the bulb, and the curved handle meant that it was just. Good. The round portion of the G-spot bulb pressed gently against my G-spot, and the vibrations were well-contained so that it affected the front wall of my vagina but didn’t just vibrate my whole pelvis. The curved neck is slightly flexible, so when I tilt the toy it presses in but not too hard, and so that gives me some control over how to hold it.

I’m not able to come from G-spot stimulation alone (though not for lack of trying) so I had to use another vibrator on my clit. Usually, even if internal vibration is kinda nice, it ends up rendered completely useless once I introduce external vibration. But not here! Here, the internal vibration and the external vibration managed to work together. My favorite vibrator is reliable anyway, but with the addition of the gentle but insistent vibration on my G-spot…Reader, I squirted.

Sometimes, when I’m using toys so that I can review them, I am very reluctant to go back to them. But this one, I was pretty excited to try again, and again.

Now, there are a few drawbacks with this toy, even with how much I like some aspects. First, the buttons are kind of a pain in the ass. They’re in the exact middle of the toy, between the two vibrators, as you’d expect. And it’s very, very easy to accidentally bump the button for the end of the toy you’re not using, so now your hand is buzzing. I have some pretty bad wrist damage from retail, and I try to minimize the vibrating that reaches it because…it fucking hurts, guys. And I’m not the only one out there with wrist issues, so if that’s a concern, be ye warned. Because honestly? Even if I don’t bump the button, I still have to make the choice: do I hold this toy up near the “handle” where there is actually no vibration? Or do I hold it in the middle so my thumb can hit the controls, and still get some of the vibrational fallout from whichever end I’m using? Depends on which option annoys me least on any given day. (Of course, if I’m just using it internally, I can set it to my preferred setting, insert it, and lightly hold the other end. And then I’m much happier.)

[Description: A close-up of the Gia’s buttons + a macaron shaped bath bomb]

So, it’s an imperfect vibrator, but I like it okay externally, and I really like it internally. But this begs the question: is this toy really worth $79.99? Do we need a multi-function vibrator, or is it just a gimmick that would be better off split into two toys?

Honestly? I’m for it, in several situations. If you’re someone who wants to experiment with different vibration sensations, not sure if you like broad/pinpoint/internal/external? I think this would be awesome, if it’s in your budget, because it offers a pretty wide range of options. If you’re someone who has limited space, or maybe needs to travel, but wants options without having a huge stash of toys? Also awesome! It’s a cute, tidy little thing that would fit neatly in your luggage or whatever, and has several functions. It’s a multitasker to make Alton Brown proud.

What toys would I recommend instead, should one not desire the multi-functionality? Honestly, I’m not sure. I have yet to find an internal vibrator I like quite as much as this, even among toys with a similar shape. As I said, my favorite G-spot toy is one I use exclusively on my clitoris, but I love it so I’ll always recommend that.

Wand-wise, you have a lot more options; I did like Blush’s cute little Noje 4 wand, which is only slightly smaller and quite a bit cheaper, and these days, the classic Magic Wand rechargeable is actually slightly cheaper than the Gia.

And if you would prefer to have your internal and external genitalia stimulated simultaneously, which the Gia cannot do? Uh…well…you’ve got rabbits but they can be difficult, since slight differences in anatomy can mean the difference between “ah yes, this is most comfortable and pleasurable” and “yeeesh why is this STABBING ME?” I personally have only enjoyed the Satisfyer Magic Bunny and the CalExotics Newport Beach Babe, and the latter only after a lot of effort.

[Description: The Gia on a black scarf, with some roses, a cameo pin, and other jewelry]

The Bottom Line

It’s gimmicky, but you know what? For once, the gimmick works. The vibrations are consistently decent, it holds a charge for a really long time, and it’s one of the only internal vibrators that really gets me, you guys. If you aren’t sure what to get your genitals yet, this works as a nice sampler platter, and you’ll probably like at least one of the functions.

Buy from Betty’s Toy Box for $79.99

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