Review: Blush Luxe Purrfect Kitty Bullet

[Description: A paw-shaped vibrator set in a furry ear headband, with a pink beckoning cat statue]

cw: mentions of kink, especially DDLG/CGL/little play, pet play, and furries.

Betty’s Toy Box first announced stocking this toy a few months ago, and my reaction was something along the lines of, “This is ridiculous. I need twenty.”

When they offered it for review, naturally I was perfectly happy to obtain just one, not really having room for the other nineteen. They officially mention on the listing that it’s great for a first sex toy purchase or as a gift, and this is absolutely true. But specifically, I think this toy also has a huge niche appeal for littles, furries, and pet players. As someone who, in some capacity or another, identifies with all of those groups, I had to try it out!

The Luxe Purrfect Kitty Bullet (which, on Betty’s Toy Box, is alternately spelled “Perrfect” and “Purrfect”—I’m sticking with the latter for consistency’s sake) is, at its heart, a basic corded bullet. It has a shiny, body-safe plastic bullet, attached by cord to a battery pack that uses a flower-shaped twist dial. Taking two AA batteries, in the most basic sense this reminds me a lot of the kinds of sex toys I used to buy back in my early 20s, when rechargeable toys were barely a dream (and an expensive dream at that). However, what makes this toy unique is the silicone sleeve that fits over the bullet, which is shaped like a paw, the same hot pink as the battery pack, with light pink paw pads and toe beans.

Yes, this vibrator has TOE BEANS.

[Description: The above-described paw vibrator, set on fabric printed with candy and donuts.]

Back in my day (she says, at the ripe old age of 32), it was really common to find bullets with sleeves shaped like inoffensively nonsexual things, like dolphins, butterflies, and amorphous pink blobs with bumps on them. Usually these sleeves were made of the jellyest jelly you can jelly, smelled like hell, and half the time didn’t even fit right on the bullet. So the silicone sleeve is kind of a fun throwback for me, with the benefit of being body safe. (For a quick refresher, silicone is the only soft material that is both nontoxic and nonporous, which means it can’t hold onto bacteria and fungus.)

The paw sleeve fits on VERY snugly, and doesn’t even budge in use. Despite that, it’s not too hard to remove for cleaning, which is handy. I tend to wash it and the bullet separately (though carefully, as the vibrator is not waterproof) and leave the sleeve out to dry, then pop it back on when I, uh, remember to. Maybe that’ll be later that day. Maybe that’ll be the next time I use it. Listen, that’s not important.

What is important is that, when I first looked at the toy, I assumed that the sleeve would dampen the vibrations. This happens a lot with silicone toys, unfortunately—the soft material just swallows up the vibrations, so even if the motor is fairly strong, much less of it actually reaches your genitals. While this sleeve is removable, which could make it useful should that be the case, it would have been a huge disappointment—the sleeve is the biggest selling point, after all.

I’m delighted to report that the sleeve doesn’t dampen things in the slightest.

[Description: The vibrator on some frilly blue panties. The silicone paw cap has been removed from the shiny pink bullet.]

I am so happy, y’all. Because I’ll tell you what: the vibrations are pretty good. They’re buzzy, but at full whack they’re pretty strong. I can orgasm pretty easily with this toy. (Also, I love the twist dial to increase or decrease intensity. Why are twist dials more common on cheap toys or “starter toys” anyway? Why do all the fancy rechargeable toys have one-button controls that annoy the fuck out of me? “Oh, look at the convenient single button!” CONVENIENT MY ASS, nobody wants to go through your 900 variable patterns just to get back to the lowest setting, only to accidentally miss it and have to do it all over again.)

Uh. Where was I?

Right, vibrations. Buzzy but strong, and free of patterns, they’d be pretty standard, but decent, cheap bullet vibrations…until you add the silicone paw sleeve. Oh, sure, it’s cute, and I love that. But it’s also a game changer for the toy’s functionality.

The shape of the paw means that it’s fairly narrow front-to-back, flat on the paw pad side, rounded on the back, and wider from side to side. This means that it can offer a huge variety of sensations. Someone who, like me, prefers something a little more precise can use the tip of it, or use the narrower width to find exactly the right spot on my finicky clit. Someone who wants something broader could use a different angle. It’s really cool, and this also ties in pretty well with it being a good first vibrator: if you’re not sure what you like in terms of broad or pinpoint sensation, this gives you a few variations in one toy.

[Description: A very Peep-like bunny plushie with closed eyes, and the paw vibe sitting on it like it’s the rabbit’s own paw.]

The toy isn’t perfect. I don’t have much patience for dealing with batteries these days—I’ve been spoiled by rechargeable toys. The battery pack is pretty good, though. Some toys have pretty touchy lids, and it can be hard to install batteries, but I haven’t had any difficulties with this one. And like I said, the motor is definitely on the buzzy side, so it can make me a little sore after using it once in a while. This is never going to be my default vibrator, and that’s okay, because I have some specific times I like to use it.

This brings us back to those niche kinks I brought up at the beginning of the review. The aesthetics of this toy are everything. Its cuteness fits so well with little play, but personally, I tend to apply it more to pet play fantasies. It’s officially sold as a cat paw, but as a puppy player, I’m perfectly happy considering it on theme with my doggy stuff. It’s not about pretending I’m getting vibrated by a cat or whatever—it’s about the aesthetic matching the overall headspace. Sure, I can’t actually look at it in use, but I don’t care; I know it’s there, and if I put on some puppy ears and maybe my dog tag necklace, and throw in an imaginary dom voice telling me their puppy deserves a treat…suddenly I’m the goodest good girl you’ve ever met.

With orgasms. Just in case that wasn’t clear.

Some folks aren’t going to like this toy. The aesthetics that appeal so much to me are going to throw some people right off, and I get that. Some people don’t live their lives like they were baptized in a Sanrio store like I do. It also only comes in pink, though I hope they’ll release other colors. (How nice would this look in, say, a light blue with purple toe beans?) And…some people can’t stand some buzz, or hate batteries. Some people don’t like twist dials and prefer one button controls, apparently.

But at $16.99, this toy is cheap, cute, and well-made. It’s a good budget gift, a decent first toy, and super fun for the furry, pet player, or little in your life (who consents to receiving vibrators).

[Description: The paw vibe resting on a sign that says “Fetch,” along with a dog tag that reads “DADDY’S GIRL.”]

The Bottom Line

Who’s a good puppy/kitty/bunny/whatever? If it’s you, you just might want to look into the Luxe Purrfect Kitty! It’s cute, decent (albeit buzzy), and is very budget-friendly.

Buy from Betty’s Toy Box for $16.99

[Betty’s banner]

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