Puppy Play Interview

[Description: Some puppy play accessories, including ears, a tag, a bone gag, etc.]

CW: puppy play, D/s, kink, furries

A few months ago, Betty Butch asked for puppy players who were willing to share their experiences. I—along with many others—answered, and this turned into a fantastic article, which features several voices discussing their unique puppy play experiences. It’s a wonderful introduction to puppy play. It’s as varied as the people who participate, and I love that Betty took the time to explore many angles of this particular kink, while also making it really easy to understand for people who are new to the whole concept.

Because Betty wanted to get a lot of voices, she couldn’t use all the answers we gave. So, just for fun, I wanted to share my answers to her questions, just for you guys!

This isn’t the length or the depth of my usual posts, but I hope it’ll be a fun mid-week mini-post for you to enjoy!

When did you first hear about puppy play, and how did you come to participate?

I think I first heard of it while just researching other BDSM stuff, but first really got it from reading Bex Talks Sex. A lot of what he had to say really resonated with me and so I learned more. Furry stuff was an influence, too, because my puppy play identity is much more anthropomorphic than I think is typically associated with it.

What does puppy play mean to you? What does your experience of puppy play look like?

To me it’s largely about giving a name to certain aspects of my submission and personality. It’s a name for my eager-to-please nature and tendency to wiggle my hips when excited, but it’s also a way of letting go of human stress; like most of my kink identities, it’s woven throughout my everyday life. It mostly manifests in things like wearing ears and a tail around the house, fetching my dom’s slippers, sitting on the floor (although I can’t do that much lately because I am a Sore Creature), and some little aesthetic-y things, like my dog bone necklace I wear instead of a collar, a bone gag, having doggo-related things on my desk, etc.

Can you tell me about a scene or moment that encapsulates your love of play / pup headspace?

Honestly, anytime I do a favor for Damien and they tell me what a good dog I am and I wiggle like I’m trying to shake a Yahtzee cup with my ass because yes I am good dog thank you. It’s less “a specific scene” and more “something that happens approximately once a day.”

Would people be surprised to know you engage in puppy play? Why or why not?

Well, my sister was like, “You spent the first five years of your life pretending to be a dog, so no one’s really surprised you grew up to be one.” Beyond that, no idea. Because I chose to be pretty public with my sex blogging in terms of my friends and family, at this point they’re certainly not going to be surprised to find that I’m kinky, and the pup stuff probably isn’t hugely shocking either.

If you could give advice to someone curious about puppy play (whether private play, or going to events/moshes), what would that advice be?

Let go of preconceived notions of what any kink should look like. Try things out, sure, but if certain things don’t resonate with you, that’s fine, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing it wrong.

Thanks again to Betty Butch for the questions, and the opportunity to share my thoughts!

[Description: A pixel doll I made of my fursona, a white dog with dragon features. Pixel doll human base by The H Word.]

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  1. Ahhh this post is so great!!!

    I think I’m quite similar! I’m a bit freaked out by costumes/masks, so I’ve always avoided furry/petplay type stuff. Massive respect for everyone that does it – but masks hit me like clown facepaint hits other people! But I’m also quite wriggly and eager to please as a sub, and sometimes when I’m anxious I don’t want to necessarily put how I’m feeling into words but I might make some sad little noises! When I do that my Domme calls me “splodge” or her little puppy, and sometimes that has transferred over into play. But because I don’t see myself as “a pet player” I haven’t really said that out loud until now!!! So your blog has made something really click for me, thank you!

    I love the “such a good dog” thing 🙂 So cute!

    Going to catch up with Betty’s post now!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad you were able to connect with this! I know I feel like I don’t match other people with a lot of my kinks, so having to redefine things continues to be a theme haha. “Splodge” is such a cute nickname for that kind of thing. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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