Review: Tantus Dragon Tail

[Description: A vaguely medieval display of leathery belts, a coyote skull, boots, and a dagger, along with the Tantus Dragon Tail whip (described below) on faux fur.]

cw: impact, consensual marking, consensual crying; also photos using (ethically sourced) animal skulls and faux fur as props

“Look, you have stripes!” they said.

“Yayyyyy,” I said, weakly, and my face flopped onto the pillow.

There are a few very stingy toys that can bring me easily to tears, which is something that—in the right headspace—I find extremely cathartic. The meanest, surprisingly, is the plastic handle of a cat toy, which creates such an intense sting that I usually burst into tears instantly; I can’t handle much, so it’s not ideal for a longer session unless it’s the finale after other toys. Another is the Scandal Bull Whip, which I got for my spouse as a birthday present last year, but which is a little hard to control and requires extra precautions so that Damien doesn’t take an eye out, or develop an Indiana Jones lip scar. And now, there’s a third, quite possibly my new favorite.

I described the Tantus Dragon Tail to someone on Instagram as “the result of an illicit affair between a paddle and a whip.” It is, I have to say, a little intimidating in appearance. With a long, sturdy, rounded handle, the business end is extremely floppy matte-finish silicone in an elongated spade shape, which comes to a cruel-looking point. Modeled after the dragon tail style of whip, which is usually leather or vegan leather, this particular model is a lot easier to wield than a traditional whip, which makes it a somewhat safer alternative.

[Description: The Tantus Dragon Tail against a small wooden door]

(I should note that it’s still not 100% foolproof without practice. Damien has occasionally gifted themselves with a tiny welt on the upper thigh by mistake, but it’s nowhere near the face or anything dangerous, so they don’t mind overmuch, and surface-y upper thigh injuries don’t aggravate their lymphedema. Actually, while they aren’t much of a masochist, they kind of like having their own evidence of an intense session. But we’ll get to that sort of thing later.)

As I mentioned in the Fetish Fantasy Rubber Paddle review, when we get a new toy, Damien likes to smack me with it right out of the mail. Even though my arms are usually off-limits because they’re super sensitive, we had stopped home in the middle of a day of errands, my arms were uncovered, and we wanted to see the effect, so I consented to get a good, solid smack there.

I’m pretty sure the sound I made was “YEEP!” followed by hysterical giggling, and then I had to pace around while the intense, stingy, tingling pain slowly faded. I had a welt there for the rest of the day.

My masochistic ass was in love.

[Description: The Dragon Tail next to the Scandal Bull Whip]

My arms are, as said, unusually sensitive to pain, so future uses were on my preferred impact sites—namely, my ass and thighs. Here there’s more flesh to handle pain, and so I don’t need to fall over and make funny noises every time I get a smack. And while Damien can issue as blow that, like the evil cat toy, can send me into instant tears, they don’t have to. The sessions can last a lot longer, because with a little practice, this toy is extremely versatile.

Before they start on impact, or in between toys, they’ll drag the soft tip over my skin. It’s a tickly, cool, almost wet sensation, pleasant, and making my skin so much more sensitive. And then they might deliver a few gentle little flicks, increasing the intensity as they go. It doesn’t hurt. And then it almost hurts. And then it begins to sting, just a little, leaving a warm tingle behind. And then it’s a solid, sharp sensation. And then—and then it’s hard, brutal, wonderful. It brings cold, sharp pain and leaves hot welts in its wake. I whimper and yelp and gasp, all sorts of sounds that they like to make me make. Sometimes, as a climax of sorts, I burst into tears. I’m left refreshed and glowing and sore and happy.

I’m hard to mark, sometimes. I love bruises, but my body often won’t cooperate. If we want bruises, we have to dedicate an afternoon to it using a few specific tools, and take time to build up in those spots. I might feel bruised after a good session with a paddle or a wooden spoon, but the visual isn’t always there.

[Description: The Dragon Tail and some knives/daggers and a coyote skull, all fanned out on faux fur]

I can’t bruise with the Dragon Tail—or, at least, I haven’t yet—but the welts linger for the rest of the day. I can feel them whenever I sit and I can see them, and I love the reminder. I love knowing what Damien did to me, and I love knowing that I endured. Sometimes, because I love it so much, they’ll hit the front of my thighs, then have me wear a skirt for the rest of the day, so that they and I can both see the evidence of what we’ve done at a moment’s notice. Kink is intimacy; kink is lavished attention; kink is connection. Seeing the remains of a session for the rest of the day is, for me, like putting a dozen roses in a vase in your line of sight, so you can smile every time you look up. A toy that can reliably mark me in a non-damaging, non-permanent way is a treasure.

I should note that the Dragon Tail also advertises that the handle is insertable, but honestly, it holds no appeal for me. My butt has a hard time taking anything but the mildest of plugs lately, while my vagina likes much greater texture and girth. I also don’t really want to clean out the little hole at the top of the handle. But the handle is very sturdy, the top of the whippy part is wide enough to make it anal-safe, and the whole thing is body-safe silicone, so it can be done.

So, should you buy this? My instinct is to say YES BUY IT, BUY TWELVE, GET YOUR BELOVED A BOUQUET OF DRAGON TAILS, but obviously, it’s not going to be for everyone. This is a toy for if you like whippy, stingy sensations—or, at a mere $29, it’s a toy for if you think you might. It’s versatile, certainly, and does make a good non-impact sensation toy as well, so if you end up not liking the whip as a whip, it’s not a total waste. If you want welts, the Dragon Tail provides. If you want bruises, well, I wish you better luck than I had. If you don’t want any marks whatsoever…maybe try something else. But if whipping is something you want to try out, this is much, much easier to handle than a traditional whip, and a lot easier to control in terms of intensity as well. It might take a little practice, but even so it’s a lot safer.

[Description: The Dragon Tail on some faux fur, with a couple of small dragons]

The Bottom Line

Heh. It’s funny because it puts lines…on my bottom.

Seriously, though. I really like this toy. I love a stingy toy that can make me cry, but that I can withstand for more than about six smacks. I love that Damien can wield it in so many ways, and stretch out a spanking session with one tool alone. I love the marks it leaves behind. I love when I can’t sit down. We don’t use this toy for every impact session, but it does make a lot of appearances, and not just because I was reviewing it.

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