Review: Uberrime Sensi

[Description: The green and white Sensi dildo with several green candies and candy boxes.]

Looking at my top dildo choices, I tend to like a lot of texture, the ability to thrust, and often either extremely realistic shapes or extremely unrealistic shapes. When my friend Betty Butch surprised me with some random Uberrime toys a few months ago, I was much more excited about the Jellyfish and the Dragon Claw. The smooth little Sensi was cute but I was pretty sure it wouldn’t do much for me.

Oh, how little we mortals know ourselves.

Uberrime is a one-human indie sex toy company. His hand-poured toys are uniquely shaped, brilliantly colorful, and elegantly finished. One of the marks of an Uberrime toy is the “latte art” on the base, where he pours the silicone colors into a beautiful floral shape. It’s really an exceptional detail that makes every piece feel like a real work of art, and to me shows the care he puts into each piece. Because they’re hand-poured, every single piece is a slightly different pattern, and the colors may not be exact, but they’re always beautiful.

My Sensi is in a lovely, faintly shimmery bright green and white that reminds me of key lime pie. (It does not taste like key lime pie.) When I got it, I loved the color, but I was otherwise underwhelmed. Short, squat, and without many distinct features, it just looked like a vaguely phallic blob. Due to its extremely squishy texture and top-heavy shape, it couldn’t even stand up on end, and next to much showier toys, it was just…there. It was a Shetland pony in a field of Lipizzaners. I put off trying it for a few months, partly because I had a lot of other toys I needed to try on a schedule, partly because, well, it was just. There.

[Description: The base of the Sensi, showing the floral “latte art” described above, with some green ribbons and some rhinestones.]

But when my assigned toys were done and I could masturbate recreationally, I thought, “What the hell, I’ll give it a shot.” (This is how I make many of my important decisions.) I took that out of my dildo drawer along with a few other toys, figuring I’d probably end up moving on to something else when I got bored with it.

At first I was frustrated that it was difficult to thrust. The narrow neck and the squishiness meant my vagina clenched around it, which made it reluctant to let me pull it out quickly.

And then I realized that was the fucking point and stopped trying.

I let myself clench around it, and realized the head was pressed right up against my G-spot. And thrusting wasn’t necessary, because the minute contractions of my vaginal muscles moved the toy around in a subtle but lovely way, especially as I used a vibe and got closer to orgasm. The toy offered just enough movement and pressure on my G-spot to heighten all the sensations.

I came, and I came good. And then I went, “Oh, I get it.”

[Description: The Sensi, some limes, a green drink, and a slice of key lime pie.]

Only after that did I bother to look up the Sensi, and lo and behold, it’s not sold as a traditional dildo but, rather, as a vaginal plug. It’s meant to stay in place. (It should be noted that, while it is a plug, and the base is flared, it’s still a fairly small base and not wider than the insertable portion of the toy. It is therefore not safe for anal use.)

I’ve worn a (sanitized) butt plug vaginally before, and it was fun, but it was also a different experience. The plugs I own, due to my extremely limited butt abilities, are very small and shaped very simply, and do not directly target any particular spot. They exist for those times when I want to feel an object in an orifice, nothing more. The Sensi definitely provides that—despite its small size, its chubbiness makes my vagina feel very full—but it’s also designed to target my G-spot. Because of its squishiness, it’s a fairly gentle sensation, not at all overwhelming, and because of that same give it’s very satisfying to clench around.

I primarily use the Sensi when my wrists are sore. I screwed them up in retail a few years ago, and bad weather or overuse can make my wrists ache terribly. Sometimes thrusting with my hand can anger my wrist for the next day or two. I mean, it’s totally worth it because orgasms, but it’s nice to have an alternative. The Sensi is like the Crock-Pot of dildos: set it and forget it.

Okay, maybe not “forget it.” It’s hard to forget.

[Description: The Sensi, held in a pair of Caucasian hands wearing green nail polish.]

I do sometimes need to use my hand to hold it in place, or to tilt it a little bit to get firmer G-spot pressure, but that’s minimal engagement and doesn’t irritate an already-irritated wrist. And if even that little movement seems like something I want to skip, I can change positions from lying on my back to sitting up, which gives the Sensi no means of slipping out. The only time I use my hands in this case is to hold the vibrator in place. (If your clit is less fussy, you might not even need to do that.) Prior to the Sensi, this position was one I used for vibe and maybe butt plug only; most dildos are too lengthy to be comfortable in my vag, and their bases are often too bulky. This one is actually comfortable to sit on.

This lead me to my next point: the Sensi would be rad for bondage. When sitting with it, I tend to have my legs crossed, and it would be pretty easy to tie someone into that position. For that matter, Uberrime says that some people can hold the Sensi in vaginally while walking, especially if they have some tight clothing to help. Seems like it might stay pretty well with the assistance of, say…a hip harness made of rope, or a chastity belt, or maybe a forced orgasm belt? I’m just saying. There are options.

This is not a toy for you if you don’t like G-spot stimulation, if you only like extremely firm G-spot stimulation, or if you’re really craving texture or thrust. It’s a fairly subtle sensation, and sometimes you don’t want subtle. For those times, I’d definitely recommend some of Uberrime’s other toys (the Jellyfish has some fun texture and that G-spot head is the opposite of subtle) or another texture-heavy toy like the Tantus Magma. It’s also not a toy I’d suggest for people newer to penetration. For that, I’d suggest the similarly colored Neo Elite from Blush Novelties.

At $39, this is definitely on the higher end of what I consider budget-friendly, especially for a toy so deceptively simple. But I still think it’s pretty inexpensive for a really well-made, individually handcrafted silicone toy, and the sensations are unlike any other toy I’ve tried. And the vivid color is to die for! On SheVibe alone they have the lime green, as well as grape and blue raspberry. (Okay, SheVibe calls them “Green Between,” “Purple Reign,” and “Blue by You.”) [EDIT: The price has gone up to $75 as of 4/18/23, which is less budget-friendly, but such is life.]

And if you have some wrist or hand problems, this might be an awesome toy for you! The fact that I can use it hands-free makes me so happy.

[Description: A key lime pie with a slice taken out, replaced by the Sensi.]

The Bottom Line

Apparently Betty knew better than I did. This isn’t a toy I’d have picked out for myself, but it’s one that I apparently needed! Everything, from the shape to the squishiness to the brilliant color, is exactly right.

Buy from SheVibe in green, purple, or blue for $75

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