Year in Review

[Description: The Bad Dragon Pretzal tucked into a Christmas tree, surrounded by lights and pine needles.]

cw: cartoon nipples

2019 has been a hell of a year. I launched Queer Earthling in March after having my first post successfully published in Offbeat Home (which gave me the courage to start a whole blog). I made really good friends with other bloggers. I got married. And I spent most of the year helping my spouse through their chemo and surgeries. They’re cancer free as of their last screening!

Through all of this, I’ve tried to maintain a fairly steady posting schedule. I started out posting on Sundays and occasionally throughout the week, and then switched to Saturdays only, unless there was something special or time-dependent. I’ve missed a few here and there, but for the most part I’ve managed to be pretty consistent, which I’m proud of.

My most popular post, according to my stats, is my review of the Bad Dragon Pretzal. This is also one of the few reviews that doesn’t have an affiliate link to the product, so…that’s inconvenient since there’s no way to earn money unless people tip me, but I hope people have found the review helpful!

My favorite reviews for 2019:

“Scandal Cuffs.” I love the product, and I love the photos! I took them in a public park so it was a little nerve-wracking, but they contain one of my favorite pictures of me ever. I even made a little NSFW pixel doll of my fursona wearing them.

[Description: a pixel doll of a white and purple dog/dragon anthro, wearing sheer lingerie and the Scandal cuffs. Base by Autumn Pixels and available here.]

Rocks Off RO-80.” The product itself is pretty meh, but I wound up writing a lot about how important it is to have inexpensive sex toys. It’s a manifesto disguised as a review.

Vixen Ranger.” I love the dildo, and also I loved doing Lord of the Rings jokes and taking D&D-related pictures. Nerdy references and sexy things are what this blog is all about.

My favorite non-review posts this year:

Moments from Earth: Written” was one I really loved working on, and I still really like how it turned out. I like the non-linear time that still tells a narrative. Also, body writing is a kink I love and it was nice to sort out my thoughts on it. Also, Damien wrote on me and photographed the results, and I think they turned out nicely.

Vampire Hunting Kit: Sex Toy Style” is probably the one I had the most fun doing photos for, in part because we built an actual vampire hunting kit, including aging all the items with paint, sandpaper, and coffee. It was also just great to be like “Hey, I need to make a vampire hunting kit for work.”

Moments from Earth: In the Car” was, like “Written,” very near and dear to my heart, and another more creative exercise. It was also very satisfying to write about queerness and the fears associated with it. Also, it gets Barenaked Ladies’ “In the Car” stuck in my head, and I like that song.

My favorite erotica post this year:

The Sacrifice.” I only wrote one, but it was about tentacles so what’s not to love?

My favorite new (to me) product from 2019:

Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine.” This is exactly the vibrator I’ve been looking for. Squishy silicone, slightly pliable, long so it’s easier to hold onto, easy controls, and a fun color. I still hate the name, though.

[Description: The Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine tucked into a Christmas tree.]

My least favorite new product from 2019:

Blush Exposed Nocturnal Rechargeable Vibrator.” I hate the rattly-ass vibrations on this toy and I hurt whenever I try to play with it. I’ve even tried using it with a silicone sleeve, in hopes that it would improve the experience for me. NOPE.

What’s in store for next year?

I’m hoping to do many more reviews, especially kink toys. I’m planning to write more about my 24/7 dynamic, and how it compares to my expectations of a 24/7 D/s life. I’m also intending to do more geeky posts like the Top 5 Hottest Star Trek Moments. But honestly? Who knows!

I want to thank all the other bloggers who have given me tons of advice and support, anyone who’s purchased through my affiliate links, and YOU for reading! Your comments, your retweets of my work, and just seeing the views and knowing I’m not just shouting into the void has been a huge encouragement in what has been quite a year.

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