Holiday Gift Guide & Best Reviews 2019

[Description: a Christmas tree adorned with the usual baubles as well as several of the sex toys listed below]

Looking to stuff some stockings, or maybe something else? Sex toys can be a great gift, if given with full consent of the recipient. Make sure you talk with them! They may not want one at all, or may be especially picky about what they want or need. If you want to make it a surprise, talk about the possibility and if they agree, ask them for a short list of things they’d like (with some suggestions if you want), pick something, and then guard your choice with your life. (Or tell them five minutes after you order à la me and my spouse.)

Of course, you could save yourself some trouble by just buying a gift for yourself.

I still have at least one review coming up, but these are my absolute favorite toys that I’ve tried in 2019 to help you out!

My top budget (under $40) picks for 2019


VeDO’s Bam is reliable, rechargeable, and rumbly. Pretty damn good for a $35 bullet!

Read my review here, or check it out on SheVibe


Blush Novelties’ Neo Elite is one of the least expensive dual-density options on the market, and comes in a lot of fun colors! I reviewed the 6 inch, but there are several larger versions as well.

Read my review here, or check it out on SheVibe

Butt plug

My most used plug this year is Tantus’ Perfect Plug! It’s very small and beginner friendly, and the base is extremely comfortable.

Read my mini review at the end of this post, or check it out on SheVibe


My favorite new impact toy this year was also super cheap! The Ouch! Skulls and Bones crop is harsh without being unbearable, and looks pretty badass.

Read my review, or check it out on Amazon


The Scandal line by CalExotics is pretty, beginner-friendly, and surprisingly decent quality! While their corset cuffs aren’t built to withstand fighting, I love wearing mine.

Read my review or check it out on SheVibe

For more budget-friendly toy reviews, check out my budget tag!

My top non-budget picks for 2019

While I tend to try to review budget toys with some frequency, there are a few toys that I adored this year that are a little more expensive, and still bear meantioning.

Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine

This is my current favorite vibrator! Flexible, covered in soft silicone, and with a variety of intensity options, this is also right on the cusp of budget/not-budget at $49.95.

Read my review, or check it out on SheVibe

Vixen Ranger

Lord have mercy. And some d20s. At $105, this is a pricy toy, but worth every penny if you can manage.

Read my review, or check it out on SheVibe

Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration

This has provided some of the most intense clitoral orgasms of my life! If you’re interested in trying out air pulsation technology, this is absolutely the toy I’d recommend.

Read my review, or check it out on SheVibe

[Description: a green Neo Elite decorated as a Christmas tree, surrounded by ceramic Christmas village houses.]

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