Review: Pawstar Ears & Tail

[Description: A chubby Caucasian person in the woods in a candy-printed dress (available here) and blue/yellow/pink striped socks (available here), and her Pawstar ears and tail, looking over her shoulder at the camera.]

cw: furry and petplay; brief mention of CGL/DDLG

Walking into the vendors’ hall at DragonCon, I was planning to be judicious and spend little if any money. Finances aside, I’m increasingly wary of clutter, and it’s far too easy for my desk to end up a mess of knicknacks and craft supplies.

Literally five minutes in, I owned a new ear and tail set from the Pawstar booth.

I’m still not quite sure how it happened! My partner saw a blue and galaxy-rainbow fox tail and right next to it was a striped tail of white and baby pink…and then I realized we both needed matching ears. Next thing I knew, I was wearing the ears around the rest of the convention that day. I was told I was very cute—in a non-creepy way—by strangers on multiple occasions, and as a little, a pet player, and a vain human, I found this very agreeable.

I’d like to note at this point that, while my partner and I are both in the furry fandom (they’re more active than I, due to being an artist), none of these items reflected our current fursonas. Mine is a white and purple Pomeranian dragon with a stub tail, and theirs is a white dragon-unicorn hybrid with massive wings. But these were what we saw and loved. “It’s an investment!” I said, “It’ll look great whenever you do an artist’s booth at a furry convention!”

[Description: Pixel dolls of two pale dragon anthros: a taller, freckled nonbinary one with a unicorn horn/tail/hooves and big wings, and a smaller doglike girl with purple accents and tiny wings. Original human base is by DHF and available for download at]

But honestly, I just wanted fluffy pink ears. Anyway, our surname is Fox, so the fox tails are always appropriate, right?

Pawstar is a company that even I, on the fringes of the furry community, had heard of a few times. They’re popular not only with furries and pet players, but people who do raves and…other…cool stuff that I don’t know about, as I am myself extremely uncool. They’ve always had a reputation for their products being high quality and made to last, but what I didn’t realize was how comfortable they were as well.

As I said before, I wore the headband literally all day. This is notable because 1. I’m pretty sensitive to headbands (especially with my glasses on) and often find them uncomfortable within an hour or so and 2. this problem has gotten worse ever since I shaved the sides of my head. But the ears’ headband is covered in felt, and this makes a world of difference. Namely, whenever I wear them, I forget I have them on. They’re just comfortable.

[Description: Queer Earthling wearing the fluffy pink ears, head tilted so you can see the shaved side of her head.]

The tail is also surprisingly comfortable, if that’s a phrase you can apply here. To wear it, you need to loop it onto a belt or ribbon, or use a pin (which Pawstar also sells for $1) to attach it to your pants or skirt. While to an extent, the comfort level is based on what belt you use and so on, the actual tail is very easy to wear. When you manipulate it, it almost feels a little under-stuffed, but it still holds its shape well, and once you try sitting down with the tail on, you realize why: the tail is very flexible. You can tuck it behind you in a chair, or (my preference) pull it to the side without having to move the belt or unpin it.

In terms of appearance…well, like the strangers at DragonCon said. These things are adorable. My ears are the Fluffy Mew Ear Headband, and they’re covered in “monster”-type fur, which can look either shaggy or fluffy depending on how you style it. And you can style these! I like to smooth them a bit to make them a bit neater, but I can easily muss them up and make them a bit more floofy. And they match perfectly to the tail, even though they weren’t meant to be sold together—the tail being a fox tail, the guy at the booth recommended fox ears as well, but I fell in love with these. The slightly broad triangular shape looks more Pomeranian-like to me, and I love how they manage to flop juuuust a little bit, making them more friendly and cute, while still maintaining their structure! The tail is beautiful as well. The fur is so soft, the stripes are flawless, and it holds its shape very well. Also, the stitching is perfect. I’ve handled several plush tails before, and these are the ones that feel the most secure. Those belt loops aren’t going anywhere. You could probably yank on the tail and damage the belt before you damage the tail.

[Description: two plush fox tails, one pink and white striped, one light blue with a ‘rainbow-galaxy’ tip, arranged in an approximate heart.]

“But Ollie,” you say, after double-checking my About page to make sure you have my name right, “give me the goods. This is a sex blog. Can I use these for sexy purposes?”

Ah. Well.

Here’s the thing. You can definitely do that. They aren’t going to get in the way or come apart or anything like that, and frankly, you or your partner(s) will look adorable. Everyone’s a winner!

[Description: Fluffy pink ear headband on a Styrofoam wig head.]

However, be advised of a few things. First of all, this faux fur cannot be put in the washing machine without damaging it. The site does have instructions on spot-cleaning, but it’s a bit labor-intensive and honestly, I’d still be wary of certain bodily fluids, lube, or whatever other stuff could get on your tail.

The other issue is that you will want to be mindful of position. The ears will stay on all day if you’re walking, sitting, whatever, but for me at least, the second I lay on my back, they go askew or just flop off my head. This would easily be remedied by not taking a position that requires you to lay on your back. I don’t know if they’d hold up to extremely rigorous activity, but you’ll probably manage to keep them on if you’re reasonably careful.

And you’ll be comfortable while you do, which is nice.

[Description: Queer Earthling wearing fluffy pink ears and looking at the camera, with a lot of blonde curls in her face.]

So, whether you’re looking for some added fluffy cuteness around the house, or you want to express yourself at a furry convention without the inconvenience of a fursuit, or you have some fun petplay adventures in mind, Pawstar makes very nice products, and for very cheap! My ears were only $20, and the tail is $45, but they have smaller or simpler tails for even less. And if you can’t settle on ears, they even have randomized grab bag ears with added merch.

Buy the Pink Furry Kitty Ears Headband for $24

Buy the Stripey Fox Tail for $45

Or, check out their official Amazon store

This post was not sponsored, and Pawstar is not an affiliate; however, the site does use multiple Amazon affiliate links.

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