Review: Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine

[A bright yellow vibrator sitting on a stack of DVD cases with yellow in their color scheme. The movies are Man From UNCLE, Murder by Death, and Watchmen.]

I’ve often wished I could combine features from other sex toys. I’d take the narrow tip and surprising power from the VeDO Bam, the up/down controls from Blush’s Exposed Nocturnal, the long handle and softness of my first sex toy. I would make it rechargeable, body-safe, and ideally, a fun color as well. And I’d make it reasonably affordable—maybe not cheap, but definitely not the $100+ pricetags of many luxury toys.

I asked Satisfyer if I could review some of their products, and they sent me…well, a lot. Like, a huge box. I couldn’t stop laughing when I opened the box. While they’re best known for their air pulse toys, Satisfyer also has a pretty broad selection of vibrators, and they sent me most of them, because why not, I guess. Somewhere in this overwhelming sea of sex toys, a particular item caught my eye, in no small part because it was bright yellow. It’s hard to miss. But upon examination, it seemed to fit a lot of my preferences. And when it was time to test vibrators, this was one of the first ones I tried.

It blew me away then, and after several weeks, it’s become my go-to when I just want to masturbate instead of testing things for this blog. I love it, and it’s my new favorite.

That’s it, end of review!

Kidding, of course.

[Cloth printed with a sun containing the phrase “The Future Is Bright!” A yellow vibrator is sitting over the “I” in “bright.”]

The Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine is, as I’ve mentioned, bright yellow, which I assume is the reason for the name. Well, the “sunshine” part. (The name is ridiculous, let’s be honest here, but so are the names of the other Satisfyer vibrators.) It features a long, very flexible silicone shaft with ridges, and a nubby…thing…near the handle. There is a magnetic charger on the ring-shaped handle, making it waterproof. There are also silicone + and – buttons (and a power button in the middle) so that you can go through the speeds and patterns at your leisure instead of having to cycle through them again. The button pad also glows during charging, pulsing steadily until it’s fully charged, at which point it becomes a steady light. It also charges super fast, and if unused, holds the charge for, as far as I can tell, ever. It also claims an hour of active use once fully charged, but I have yet to just leave it on for an hour.

I quite like the loop handle, although it does sometimes vibrate my hand more than I like. It’s tolerable to me, but be aware of that if it’s something that bothers you. Someone I spoke to in a Facebook group mentioned that the loop handles are very easy for her husband with hand mobility issues to hold, while some people find them irritating or need a longer, straighter handle for their own mobility needs. One of the many reasons that diversity in toy design is super important! I also love the length of the shaft when I’m using it clitorally—bullet toys are fun, but I’m chubby, and sometimes it can be uncomfortable to reach past my belly to hold a vibrating object.

The Yummy Sunshine is intended, I suppose, to be a G-spot toy. The design suggests that you insert the shaft, and the nubby bit hits the clit for some easy dual-stimulation, but in practice this doesn’t really work for me. If the shaft is inserted enough that the bump reaches me, then the angled head doesn’t hit my G-spot, so it just kind of annoys me. With some experimentation I found that I can sort of get it on my G-spot and then bend the rest (did I mention flexibility?) so the nub hits my clit. I managed to come that way, but I didn’t enjoy it. It was orgasm under mild, self-induced duress. Internal vibration isn’t my favorite thing anyway, and this method kept jabbing my vagina uncomfortably. No thank you. Also, the ridges on the surface don’t do much for me. I love texture but these kind of disappear in use, even with the vibration turned off. So as an insertable, this isn’t all that, uh, yummy, nor does it fill me with sunshine.

But where this toy triumphs is in external use. I love having a soft surface against my clit, I love a decent amount of power that I can control, and I like something that’s narrow enough to really get in against my clit, without being so pinpoint that it hurts. It’s a very specific window. And the Yummy Sunshine is perfect for me. That head that does nothing for my G-spot is perfect for my clit, pinpoint and easy to reposition. (Sometimes my clit’s more sensitive on one side or another. It’s like a fun game of hot and cold anytime I want an orgasm) It’s easy to hold while using a dildo, if I’m in the mood for insertion, but it’s also fine on its own if all I’m into that day is clitoral stimulation.

(It may seem obvious that I can use it both with and without a dildo, but for a while, I had one vibe I used for dildo days, and one for non-dildo days. The one for non-dildo use was too thick to use with a dildo because of how an inserted object deforms my labia, but the smaller one was mostly too buzzy for me to really enjoy unless I had a dildo to distract me. I was kind of broke at the time and made do with what I had on hand. Trust me, this is better.)

The vibrations themselves aren’t amazingly deep and rumbly, but I also wouldn’t call them buzzy, either—they lack the waspish and numbing quality I associate with buzziness, and they definitely penetrate beyond the surface. It’s kind of “rumble-light,” which is totally a thing and not a phrase I just made up. They are remarkably steady, without the occasional jittering that you get with cheaper toys. I can move easily through their intensities thanks to the up-and-down buttons, and I can get that gradual build of an orgasm that I prefer, followed by a consistently excellent orgasm. Aside from my insertion experiment, I have yet to have a weak or lackluster orgasm with this toy, and that’s awesome. It’s reliable, but also, like the silicone and flexibility, I just find the vibrations really…comfortable?

And maybe that’s what it comes down to with the Yummy Sunshine. Between the length of the shaft, the softness, the vibrations—maybe even the color—there’s something very pleasantly comfortable about this toy. It’s like the vibrator equivalent of a soft sweater and a mug of homemade soup. I feel happy and content when I use it, and my orgasms are lovely. I can count on this vibrator like I can count on an old friend. Maybe it’s not the color that inspired the “Sunshine” name, but the cat-in-a-sunbeam kind of coziness it inspires.

Okay, yes, it’s probably the color. Let me have my moment.

The word “Yummy” still doesn’t need to be in my sex toys, though.

[Yellow vibrator sitting on a Detective Pikachu plush, along with some yellow office supplies, on a purple background.]

Price-wise, it’s inexpensive compared to many similar-looking luxury toys, but it is a bit more than the budget toys I usually review. If I were looking into it as a customer, I’d be anxious for more info to tell me if it’s worth the outlay–$50 is a lot to spend if you aren’t sure! I’ve had times when a $14 bullet vibe was a big splurge. If it’s outside what you’re comfortable spending, take a look at my budget tag. But if you have a little bit of flexibility in your sex toy budget, I think it’s worth the price tag. It’s well-made, the design is sensible and effective, and there’s even a ten year manufacturer’s warranty. That’s pretty good for the cost of a nice dinner out.

As an added bonus, I had a really bad headache and Damien couldn’t give me a decent neck rub like they usually can because of chemo weakness, so we used this toy. The little clit nub was great in the base of my skull. Anytime I use a toy for another purpose, I feel like a sex toy MacGyver, but without the mullet, or any actual knowledge of physics, electronics, or constructing anything myself.

[A yellow vibrator sitting on a vintage yellow Happy Days lunchbox, along with some assorted yellow items.]

The Bottom Line

I love this vibrator, so much. If you, like me, prefer some squish to your toys, want something with a precise but not overly pinpoint tip, and/or you love yellow, this is a great product for the price! If you’re looking for something G-spotty, this might not be the toy for you, but don’t worry—there are many more Satisfyer vibrator reviews in the future, including at least one insertable that I actually did like. (Shock, surprise, etc.) But if you’re looking for something soft and long-handled for your clit to enjoy, I cannot recommend this one enough!

Buy from SheVibe for $49.95

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  1. I can’t believe I’ve just discovered your reviews. I’ve only read two, but between this and the Princette Puppypus, I laughed, I cried… I had a moment of mourning for your poor long-suffering anus… followed by vicarious joy from your experience with Yummy Sunshine. You are truly wonderful. 😂 I’m off to rifle through all your archives now.


  2. Oh dear, I was dying to know which Satisfyer insertable you actually liked – as mentioned near the end of this review – but I don’t think you actually got round to writing the review. Would you care to divulge which one it was?


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