REVIEW: Blush Novelties Neo Elite 6 Inch

[The neon green Neo Elite 6-inch dildo, rising out of the soil in a black, rectangular plant pot between two comparatively tall basil plants, in front of a wooden fence.]

I think I’ve made it pretty clear by now that I love bright, unrealistic colors for my sex toys. I just get a certain joy from opening up the box in which they’re stored and seeing a rainbow looking back at me. When I saw Blush Novelty’s Neo Elite line, I knew I needed something from it, and when they agreed to send me some toys to review, I was very pleased to receive one in a ludicrous shade of neon green. The fact that it was dual-density (something I have very limited experience with) was an added bonus. The fact that it’s dual-density silicone for $29.99 means I basically had to try it, given my commitment to testing budget-friendly toys when I can. [EDIT: It’s now $35.99 as of 2023, which is still really freakin’ good.]

One of the benefits of dual-density silicone—meaning a stiffer inner core and a softer exterior layer—is that it feels more like a realistic penis. When ours arrived, it was on a hot spring day here in the South, and it was warm from the truck. Very warm. I have limited experience with actual human penises, but my partner was very impressed with how real it felt at that level of warmth. It was honestly like getting a detached penis in the mail, which is…actually…pretty disturbing, so never mind, pretend I didn’t say that.

[The Neo Elite attached to a shower wall by suction cup, above the rainbow Colour Pleasures dildo. In the background in a shower rack are a few rubber ducks, some bath bombs, and part of a shower brush.]

The Neo Elite 6 Inch is, as you can imagine, six inches long, and I can’t help but compare it to the Colour Pleasures dildo I reviewed a few months ago. Like the Colour Pleasures toy, it has a suction cup base underneath the balls. Unlike the other toy, this suction cup is actually really sturdy. I wouldn’t trust the Colour Pleasures toy in a harness, but this one I would. That said, the coronal ridge is less pronounced on the Neo Elite, and there’s less overall texture. When it’s not in use, the silicone feels a tiny bit tacky, sort of like Bad Dragon silicone does, but I’ve found when it’s wet or has lube on it, Neo Elite’s silicone feels soft and very skinlike.

Now, I’m going to be frank with you. The first time I tried out the Neo Elite 6 inch vaginally, I was…underwhelmed. Spectacularly underwhelmed. The realistic skin texture didn’t translate to anything particularly exciting to my vagina, and what little texture is there was completely lost. It was even worse if I used more lube, if I was particularly wet, or if I was on my period—at one point I couldn’t even feel it was there. Had I gotten one of the larger ones in the line this might not have happened, and I’m hoping to find out in the future, but as it is, this is what I had to test, and it wasn’t really working out for me. If I didn’t use very much lube, it was better. And I mean, I didn’t hate it. I was thrusting an object in my vagina, while using my favorite vibrator. Generally speaking, that’s a nice feeling. But it didn’t really hit my G-spot, and unlike the Colour Pleasures one, the texture was nonexistent, and basically, I was a little bored, and prepared to write it off as, “This is a really nice beginner dildo if this is what you’re looking for, but it’s not going to be in my regular rotation.” And that’s fine! Not every dildo is right for every person.

[The Neo Elite and the Colours Pleasures toys rising out of a terracotta flower pot as if they’re growing together. They’re of very similar size. Behind them is a large pot of mixed greenery, and a wicker deck chair.]

Trying to find more nice things to say about it, I then tried it out with my favorite butt plug inserted. That was better—it still didn’t do much for me in and of itself, but I could feel the butt plug more with something in my vagina, and I enjoyed that.

And then I thought, maybe that’s the key. Maybe I am using this luminously green, alarmingly realistic toy in the wrong capacity. I took out the plug and stared down the Neo Elite.

As I’ve written before, I’m not very good at anal stuff. My butt just doesn’t want a lot of girth. The largest toy I’d taken anally at this point was a butt plug a little over an inch wide, and even then it was usually with a lot of prep and a day planned around it, and sometimes it was still really, ridiculously uncomfortable and unpleasant. I certainly tried larger things once in a while, but I could never get my poor, wimpy asshole to accept anything. Toys bounced off it like bullets off Superman’s chest. If they did make any headway, they hurt, and I didn’t like it. So, I decided to give it a shot, but I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to happen.

Spoiler alert: it fucking happened.

All the things that made it not really work for me vaginally made it perfect for anal. The lack of texture? Great! The straight shape? Yes! (I might feel differently if I had a prostate I was trying to stimulate; then again, I might not.) Like my vagina, I could feel that there was an object there, and that it was moving and, in this case, stretching me enough to be noticeable, but now instead of boring it felt amazing. In addition, the dual-density silicone was probably my best friend; the stiff core meant it was easier to insert, as my Superman-asshole couldn’t deflect it, but the squishy outer layer made it very comfortable. (Perhaps the Kryptonite-green color helped?)

[Tantus’ Perfect Plug and the Neo Elite frame a black-and-white striped sign, upon which is written “make it happen” in gold cursive.]

I would absolutely love to tell you that it was the most erotic experience of my life, I had nineteen full-bodied orgasms, and my life has been change forevermore. Honestly, even using my beloved VeDO Bam, my mind wasn’t really focused on sexual sensations and hot fantasies. My thought process was more along the lines of “Hey, I actually got a dildo in my ass! Cool!” I had a kind of half-assed (heh) orgasm, and then went to clean myself up and go about my day. I was very excited to report my progress to my partner, who congratulated me on my achievement.

The lack of texture does make it easy to clean. There are no sneaky crevices to hold, uh, stuff. There was a bit of a seam at the very base of the balls that somehow had some period blood stuck to it (why do I keep testing dildos when I’m on my period?), but that was easy enough to deal with, and the actual insertable shaft was super easy to wash thoroughly and then wipe down with a Lysol wipe.

The Bottom Line

This is now my go-to butt toy, and I foresee a lot of use in the future! Which was a huge surprise! If you’re new to any sort of penetration, or if you want something very simple with a realistic feel and without much texture, or if harness-compatibility is important for you, I strongly encourage you to try out the Neo Elite 6 inch. It’s one of the least expensive dual-density toys you can buy, and that doesn’t detract from the quality in the slightest. And if you like the idea and want something bigger, check out the other sizes of this line as well.

[The Neo Elite resting on the edge of a black plant pot, pointing at an angle towards the camera. The spout of a green watering can is in the foreground. A basil is growing next to the dildo. In the background are a lavender plant without flowers, a wooden fence, and a green table on which it all rests.]

Purchase from SheVibe in green for $35.99

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  1. This is such a pretty green! Glad after the initial underwhelming, you found a better use for it. And congrats to you and your butt!

    “All the things that made it not really work for me vaginally made it perfect for anal.” This stood out to me because it is similarish to my experience with the Blush dual density ergo from the real nude line… I got it as a strap on toy to use on him but tried it myself first and my vagina’s response was “this is all wrong, why is it so soft and squishy, nooooo” (so not even underwhelming, but unpleasant). But my partner loves it as a strap on and says it feels really good and realistic, so, good for him and his butt XD.


    Yay for sturdy suction cup, too!


    • It really just proved to me further that different sex toys really do suit different situations/people. There are probably people out there who would LOVE the Neo Elite vaginally for exactly the same reasons I don’t. 🙂 I definitely want to try out more of Blush’s dildos, though, they’re just beautifully made, and Blush has GREAT colors for the most part!


  2. This is amazing I just bought a new one from the same line that’s bigger and kept thinking about how we wanted to try anal. I figured the 6in that we already had would be great but to know someone else tried it and succeed is a great help since I’m new to toys really! Thank you so much!


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