Review: Tantus Magma

[The Tantus Magma in dark red, posed with an amber-colored dragon statue and its hoard of coins and crystals. They are surrounded by three lit red candles, whose dripping wax resembles the molded ‘drips’ of the Magma.]

cw: mention of menstruation & blood

I’ve never squirted, and to be honest, I never really cared about squirting. It’s a neat party trick, usually accomplished by G-spot stimulation, but not something that I’ve ever aspired to do personally. I love G-spot stimulation for its own sake, though. And when I tried out the Magma by Tantus, I could very much tell that it was designed with that in mind. The build-up to orgasm was intense, the head working magic on my G-spot, and when I came I felt a warm rush inside of me and thought, Oh my God, am I actually squirting? Surprised, still feeling the warm glow of a powerful orgasm, I pulled the Magma out.

And then I remembered that I was on my period.

The towel I’d placed on my bed was a mess. Blood covered my hand, the vibrator, the Magma. Somehow I got some on my foot, my thigh, another towel. I looked like an extra from Kill Bill. So, instead of my usual post-masturbation quiet time I got up to start laundry and to rinse off in the shower.

It was worth it.

[The Magma with three drippy red candles, along with a red-and-indigo painted fox skull.]

The Magma is a dildo designed to look like dripping lava. It’s based on an older Tantus product, the Splash. Epiphora, the patron saint of squirting, was consulted in its design, and it shows. The drips create an interesting, unique texture, and the head is angled perfectly, and ridged, to cause as much towel-destroying stimulation as possible. It’s also available in a mini version, and both are very affordably priced for solid silicone.

This is my first toy from Tantus, though I’ve admired their work for a long time. Their dildos are all 100% silicone, which means they’re body-safe and compatible with water-based lube. I requested it from the company for review, and they sent it out almost immediately, I think, because I got it fast. As with most reputable sex toy companies (namely, ones that aren’t Adam & Eve, which will make sure you get advertisements in your mailbox for the next 300 years), the package was discreet—it didn’t even name the company, just the address—and the actual product box is cute and simple, free of the skinny, scantily-clad white cis women who were so ubiquitous in packaging when I started buying sex toys ten years ago.

Visually, I love the Magma. In my Tako review I mentioned the benefit of fantasy or non-representational dildos, and that applies here, too. I requested the red to go with the volcanic theme, and it’s a dark cherry color, not a bright candy-apple red, but if that’s not your cup of Earl grey it’s available in black as well. The silicone is interesting, because the ‘drips’ are so shiny smooth they feel almost tacky, while the shaft underneath those is a very matte finish. You don’t feel the matte much in use, if at all, but it makes it even more striking visually as the shiny drips stand out more. The base is also very sturdy without being bulky, which means it’s easy to hold, compatible with a harness, and safe for anal use.

The other visually striking thing about it is that it looks like a Chestburster from the Alien franchise, but we aren’t going to dwell on that.

[The Magma resting on top of three DVDs from the Alien franchise: Aliens, Prometheus, and Alien vs. Predator.]

So, let’s talk some more about the head on this thing. It’s bigger than I expected. In fact, whenever I use it I’m surprised by how big it is. It doesn’t look that big! But some combination of the texture, the firmness of the silicone (it’s soft but not very squishy), the angle…there’s definitely a (pleasant, for me) stretching feeling when I insert it, even if I’ve warmed up with another toy, more pronounced as it’s then followed by a slightly narrower shaft. The angle of the head—and the ridges on it—are designed to say hello to the wall of my vagina, enthusiastically, and my vagina responds to that greeting with equal enthusiasm, like two old friends meeting for the first time in years, with the orgasmic equivalent of a firm and eager handshake. (I’m fairly sure a prostate might like it as well, but I don’t have one, so I can’t speak for it. You will have to do your own prostate handshakes.) I’ve had G-spotty toys before, made of firmer material (glass) but the angle on those has never been quite as on point for my body as this one.

At first I thought I couldn’t detect the drips, which surprised me, because they’re, you know, right there and not exactly subtle. And then I realized I was just distracted by the G-spot stimulation. The drips are present, my vagina knows it, and that’s probably the other reason this toy feels so amazing to me.

Obviously, cleaning it takes a little bit of work, just because there are a lot of grooves, but honestly, I’ve dealt with worse. I go over the ridges with my fingers to make sure there isn’t any residue left, but it always seems to come off with running water. My partner also found some tiny pinhole flaws here and there, but they don’t seem to collect any gunk and I didn’t even notice them, so…I guess that’s not an issue, really. And Tantus does warn you in the fine print that, because they’re hand-poured, small imperfections are to be expected. So I wouldn’t personally consider any of that a dealbreaker, but you might.

Naturally, some people don’t like texture, or direct G-spot (or prostate) stimulation. If that’s the case, this is absolutely not the toy for you, because that’s basically all it it has to offer. I’ll once again suggest something like a Funkit NoFrillDo or Tantus Silk for something with less texture, or one of the very straight Colour Pleasures dildos for texture without the targeted curve.

[A close-up of the ‘drips’ of the Magma, along with some crystals and the base of the dragon statue.]

The Bottom Line

As you probably guessed from my gushing—in every sense of the word—this is probably my new favorite dildo. If I want something smaller or less textured or less direct, of course I’ll pick something else that day. But the Tantus Magma has been delivering consistently amazing orgasms, and I can’t recommend it enough. If you like texture and G-spot stimulation, please, buy this toy.

Buy from Tantus $52 or SheVibe for $39

Buy the mini from Tantus for $31 or SheVibe for $26.99

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